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I swear this internet is UNproductive - it's KILLING

I sit down at the computer, and I swear I'll be productive. Next thing I know it's 12 hours later. I've been on this damn computer since 11pm last night and it's almost dawn. I've checked my email, updated my Facebook status, browsed the trending topics on Twitter, read my RSS feeds, looked up stuff on Wikipedia, read all the new stories online, been on Wikipedia 20times, watch 3million videos, posted 5million comments on 3000 forums, updated my profiles, cyber-stalked all stalk-ables, been on Facebook 500 times even though I swore I won't (just like I said I'll be doing work but here I am BLOGGING!!!).

What I haven't done is WORK.

I've come a long way though, I've stayed off facebook for 3days in a row! (Yay me!!) and I've disabled my Chromed Bird for Twitter and I haven't been there in a minute (couple hours ago). I really should stay off the internet and so, that's what I'll be doing for a while now. I need to get into my school work, catch up with what's going on around me and make some useful contributions by working my brain where it needs to be WORKED. I'm gonna start taking trips to the library and sit WELL AWAY from a computer, I'm gonna stop responding to my Yahoo hit ups and maybe just go offline. I'm gonna try not to see who's on Oovoo or even LOOK at a #TT on twitter. No facebook (I've been good so far) and how 'bout back to the good ol days of reading ink on paper! Music?? I've got a damn radio and a pile of songs -- I can do without hearing what new bullshit is on the radio (Oh let's do it!!) My Tv isn't really a big deal cuz it's either on in front of me and I'm watching Family guy or it's just talking and I'm here - ONLINE. Text messages...oops someone just hit me up on Yahoo..two I swear this is gonna be a marathon. Well, as I was saying Text messages, hmm, my phone's been acting up lately so I guess, God's giving me a helping hand there. Thanks a lot Father. My text messages blow up to 100% filled like in 3minutes, anyone who's close to me knows I've blown up my phone with constantly always charging it. The damn thing can't go up to 3minutes (no kidding) without a charger plugged in. What a whore for I'm gonna try and bet it aint gon be easy.

So, if you catch me strolling aimlessly or wandering socially or trying to start a convo with you or just seeing my status as ONLINE ANYWHERREEE....hit me up to GET BACK TO WORK and I don't mean reading my inbox I MEAN STUDYING so I can get a degree and then a bigger sa-la-ry (Education -- I tell u that damn commercial is annoying as fuck You know I wanna be like DuBois or Thurgood Marshall or Douglass or Brooke you know, someone with ambition, determination and a spirit to lead. I guess online won't be my friend in the long run. When you see me, don't be a stranger, pat me on the back (especially if you are a studious one) and encourage me to skip parties and study hard and long, get scholarships, get a notable degree, advance and become a shining star.


Till I blog next time (maybe just right after a hot exam),

The Gentleman

o n yea, I'm trying to make my blog more about urban style, hip-hop, music, and of course forever - self improvement, so I'm open to ALL ideas. Just hit one of the buttons below and drop a line on twitter, FB, Oovoo, Yahoo etc.

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