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So if you have a computer you most likely must have at least heard of the "#FAMUsextape". A little bit of looking up here and there and BAM! As much as I was surprised at FAMU students getting their FAMU on, the FAMU sex tape isn't actually some sextape made in FAMU by FAMU students..etc. It's staged porn . If u saw the link posted before, at the beginning of the movie it says ""

So, for those skeptics (who, this would be you just display signs of being apparently DUMB). Lemme break it down:
1. The actors/actresses made reference to college life soooo often it became clear as fake. "this is what u do when ur parents aren't around", "I love college", "This is college life". Even in action they still talking about "I love college life". Shut up broad and take dick, period.
2. If it was a random video, why were u all in dere at the same time "supposedly" and why are there pics of them posing in Click HERE.[Warning: explicit content *do not open at work*]. There were no flash cameras in the vid so ......
3. has a contest to win $10,000 (Yea, get ur vids in FREAKS) and why won't this be an incentive?
4. The girls made a LOT of noise. No RAs in FAMU? Nosey students? Extra youtube video flicks by nosey BLACK students? #cmonson.

But guess what, there'll still be skeptics, I recommend get their heads checked at this point..but for coming to the Gentleman, homework is done well here.

One of the actresses is named Ashley Tidwell, nickname Flawless. Her myspace ( was public as of last night (source: vividlybland) but is now locked. She has pics of everyone in the vid - Jomarie (the asian chick), Alize, Cali, and Double D's. "IRONIC" enough (sarcasm) she has an album titled "Miami" go pics from the album
Click HERE and HERE.
For crying out loud she lives in Chicago and is a MODEL. If you trying to get your freak on or get in touch with any of them freaky broads..sure..The Gentleman makes sure not to cockblock or kittyblock (she's lesbian/bi), So, FOLLOW HERE ON TWITTER - @Flawless_One1. As a porn actress, I think she aiite, so there's no need to hate on anyone's job but her most recent tweet shows she's getting it from people, probably #FAMU students. That would be enough details for one day... I go to school.

Read and leave your comments. Anybody up for #*insert school here*Sextape?

Stay reading...

                                                                    The Gentleman

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