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Ahhh...I'm sleepy

So my sleep cycle is basically turned amiss during this short break. I sleep at 7/8am and wake up at 2pm. Then me and my holmes eat "breakfast" at 3pm. Sleep some extra till 4-5ish pm. Play Xbox till 7pm. (Eat "lunch" in-between). Watch a movie, use the internet, shower etc till 8ish 9pm then dip out for the night till 1/2/3 depending on how the night goes. Then back home, so-called diner (or whatever you're calling that)...then i "boo-love" on the phone or whatever there is...Then some horror or thriller movie or some netflix failed attempt at such. Then computer and the cycle continues. I love how I've told myself I'm going to do school work this break (so help me God) and do "all" I'm supposed to do. Watch me heading to bed now and I "want to" head to the library. #letmefindout my sleep cycle has been permanently tempered with. Fuck it! Good night y'all.

The Gentleman (I know it's color free today)

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