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A Gentleman Thinks....Money

Ways to Build Credit
It is actually pretty easy to build credit. Try one of the following ideas:
·       Ask your bank or credit union about a secured credit card. You can make a deposit to your account and have a credit limit in the amount of your deposit. The bank takes little risk and you build credit slowly.
·       Use a co-signer on your first few credit accounts. Lenders will consider the co-signer’s existing credit. The co-signer essentially ‘vouches’ for you while you build credit. Note that this is a big responsibility – you can cause major headaches for the co-signer if you don’t pay as agreed
·       Use retailer programs for modestly large purchases like furniture. For example, you may buy a television on the “$40/Month Payment Plan”. Gas station cards may work as well. These programs can be easier to qualify for and they certainly help you build credit. Be sure that the retailer will report your loan to the major credit reporting companies.
·       Get a credit card with any reputable institution that will give you one. Again, you have to make sure they’ll report your timely payments to the credit reporting companies

Major Credit Bureaus

·       Equifax
·       TransUnion
·       Experian


Learning the art of flirting

 Start by realizing that every person is a flirtatious being and flirting is something we (even animals) do innately whenever we are interested in another person.This said, half the "problem" is solved. Then begin to work on learning how to convey your feelings in the manner you wish - boldly, funny, goofy, or a combo of everything.
Flirting should be something with your insignia - your swag. It shouldn't rid you of sleep, peace of mind etc, then it's no longer flirting - flirting should be fun, sexy and rewarding for you.

 Remember flirting is about two human beings expressing their interest in one another, allow for chemistry - physical or whatsoever.

There is no way for the other person to pick up your interest if you are not expressing it. Flirting is not in your mind, it's external. Show your interest by using body language. Smile, wink or make gestures. Don't force it. This is not a quiz and no one's judging. I personally prefer physical connection but be mindful of people's spaces and principles. Not everyone appreciates your hand, breath, tongue on them the first time. Some prefer just verbal flirting. Respect people's principles but never sacrifice your style. Flirt in your own way, afterall you're trying to win the person over for you.


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