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I am Worth...'s so funny how we wait for the Physical to prove to us that we are who we are. We really don't need people to tell us who we are or wat we r made of. The fact that that Girl doesn't smile at u when u walk past doesn't mean she's not krazi over u - u'll b surprised to hear what she thinks of u (even in private *hint*).
The best thing is to look into the Mirror and know who u see, From inside out tell urself of ur worth, ur standards and what u stand for, and whether some foo notices or not - u still the bomb. U don't have to be the bomb for anyone else jus shine for u - jus cuz.
Evaluate yourself - are you better than yesterday according to your standards and what YOU think is important? Yes.Good job, keep doing what you doing. No. Turn the fuck around and get to YOUR goals and vision.

Till you can look in the mirror and see YOU and not someone/some-people's SELF in the mirror, you are not growing far.

Till next time,
Kip Reading....

                                                                  The Gentleman.


  1. This is a good one; short but wit a lot of substance, plus it doesn't look like you stole it from somewhere

  2. LOL. Appreciate it. I don't "steal" any content here all quotes r cited.
    Hope u learned from this.


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