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U.S Census Bureau Report on Black Families - Blacks are less likely to be married than non-Hispanic Whites.

Among the 26.2 million Blacks and the 158.3 million non-Hispanic whites 15 and older surveyed, 10 percent of each were divorced and about 6 percent of each were widowed. 43 percent of Blacks had never married, compared with 25 percent of non-Hispanic Whites. Blacks were less likely than their non-Hispanic White counterparts to be currently married (35 percent and 57 percent, respectively). The marital distributions of Blacks and non-Hispanic Whites varied by sex. In 2002, in both groups, women were more likely than men to be widowed, separated, or divorced, and less likely to be never married or currently married. Black men were more likely than their non-Hispanic White counterparts to be never married: 45 percent and 28 percent, respectively. The comparable figures for women were 42 percent and 21 percent.

Is this a trend for the Af/ame community?

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