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This is one hell of a movie. This is a must see. Kudos to the writers and directors of this plot, was a good one. The movie explores the concept of the subconscious mind, reality, secrets and accessing deep held secrets through dreams. Real mind boggler and not a movie you'll wanna see twice. As a fan of all things psychological this was real interesting. Downside, it's a 3hour plus movie. Rating: 4/5


Word of the day - Insipid




adjLacking flavor or zest; not tasty. Lacking qualities that excite, stimulate, or interest; dull.


That meal Mel's mum prepared was insipid - left my taste buds sore from tastelessness. 

I find that chick to be a very insipid little fiend. 

Drake - Ashton Martin Music (Paris Morton)

I thought I was late on this joint or something but I really wasn't missing anything. The song is a total disappointment and because someone feeds themselves from it I'll refrain from calling it pure garbage. Drake disappointed big time on that song; took so long to get to his verse, gurbled lyrics, beats, just plain horrible. Cmon now Drake.
The song is so terrible im going to post a link to the song rather than post a vid up here; definitely not listening to it here. Click the link and listen for yourself, what's your take?


Black vs Black - Bitterness amongst African Americans

I wanted to title this racism amongst blacks but after looking at the definition of Racism i decided bitterness was a preferable term. Ever since emancipation, black people seem to find ways (sometimes real coy and creative) to go back to what our leaders fought hard and tirelessly to end - the bitterness and evil that slavery and the vile it brought. Through elitism, African-Americans have found a way to mark distinction or better to speak, distinguish themselves from fellow blacks. The idea that I am better then you because my skin is lighter, i make certain $ more than you and live in special zipcodes has possessed the minds of several blacks down to the youngsters of this generation.  Click to read more.

T.I - The King is back, New Release with Ms Keri

T.I's the only hip-hop figure that gains some of my respect. Props to how he schooled those kids and tries to make an impact despite mistakes and odds around him. Enjoy his new single with Ms Keri - Got your back.


Apple Martini

Drink of the Day - Apple Martini. I never knew about this till i visited someone and they made this. Delicious. I don't know if i'll love it like i did the first time though. It's damn good anyways in my opinion. Click to see how to make your own Apple Martini.

Can you be 'overqualified' for the job?

It's hard getting a job nowadays. The excuses for rejection are increasing. From you don't seem to be a match to our personnel can't accomodate more to the tech use excuse, businesses are never running out but how about being 'over-qualified'. Is there such a term? Is it possible to be "too good" for a job? 


Taking the first step

Sometimes we want to do certain things, but our standards, morals and principles are in conflict with what we're considering. Sometimes it's the feeling that we deserve better, can do better or need to try harder.  Many times it boils down to...


I'm Revamping Twitter


I'm going in with a blast and i'm revamping my twitter, following new and funny peeps and of course still retaining my old follows and followers that keep it real. So,

 FOLLOW MY ASS AND TWEET ME ON TWITTER  - WWW.TWITTER.COM/STUCKUPFRESH (i keep changing my twitter name, I pray I settle on one soon)

Word of the Day - Chicanery


noun: Deception by trickery or sophistry.

From French chicaner (to quibble).

  • She would have seen much political chicanery in our United Kingdom.
  • After eight years of financial chicanery, he concludes, " the Chancellor has produced an Enron for Africa.

Word of the Day

Starting from sometime later this afternoon, the blog will begin to feature something called Word Of the Day (WOD for short) or sometimes with the prefix 'New'. This will contain new words that will help boost your vocabulary. Given that this is a gentleman's blog, it's expected your vocabulary be of Gently caliber. Some of them are words I have stored in my notebook some others will be words i cane across while reading or simply from the internet. Enjoy and keep watch for the words, who knows you could learn a thing or two.


Artists and Alter-Egos

Why do these music artists go for alter-egos? What's the craze and what's in it for them? Well for one I think it's for publicity and to pull one of those stunt crazes and to see just how many suckers go for it.  Some of them are cool and i kinda dig it and some others are just #WTF moments. T.I. for instance and his alter T.I.P. Some others maybe i figure it's just for entertainment; Beyonce is famous for her very well known Sasha Fierce and just about all the teenage even adult women followed suit and baptized themselves Fierce. Mary Fierce, Ashley Fierce etc some even took the whole Sasha Fierce and added to the name. Next thing, Beyonce kills her alter-ego..smh. Click to read more .


Drake - Find your love [Video]

Degrassi Drake has been hitting the charts recently with his songs. Find your Love is Drizzy's second single -produced by Kanye West from his debut album "Thank Me Later". The song was released in April, nice beats, great verse.


Summary of the world

Summary of the World

If we could shrink the Earth's population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look like this:

81 would be from less developed countries with a gross income per capita and year of US$ 3,580, 19 would be from developed countries with a gross income per capita and year of US$ 22,060.

There would be 61 Asians, 12 Europeans, 13 Africans, 9 would be from South America and the Caribbean, and 5 from North America including Canada.

75 would be non-white, while 25 would be white.

60 would mistrust their own government.
No wonder, that the governments mistrust their people.

60 would live within 62 miles of a coastline.

50 would be female, and 50 would be male.

50 would rely in some manner on coastal and marine habitats for food, building sites, transportation, recreation, and waste disposal.

48 would live on less than US $2 a day.

48 would lack access to basic sanitation.

47 would be urban dwellers.
The world's urban areas are expected to surpass rural areas in population around the year 2005

29 would believe in witchcraft.

25 would live in substandard housing or have no home at all.

20 would live on less than US $1 a day.

17 would be under 18 years old.

16 would lack access to safe drinking water.

16 would be unable to read and write.

14 would suffer from malnutrition.

10 would live in least developed countries.

8 would have Internet access from home.

4.5 would be citizens of the United States

1 would be infected with HIV/AIDS.

1 would be near death, and 1 would be near birth.

Only 1 would have a college education.

Half of the entire village's wealth would be in the hands of only 6 people, and most of them would be citizens of the United States.

When one considers our world from such an incredibly compressed perspective, the need for cooperation, tolerance and understanding becomes glaringly apparent.


Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj – Bottoms Up [Audio]

The single is the first from Songz’ upcoming (September) album, Passion, Pain & Pleasure.

 Nice one for snagging up Young Money Minaj, this will definitely grab extra listening ears. I haven't listened to it yet, o I can't say if it's top work or garbage.  You tell me how it is.

trey songz bottoms up feat. nicki minaj


Thank you to all the readers


Thank you my blog readers. You are the inspiration and support that makes me keep trying to make this better. I started blogging for fun but slowly i'm trying to take this to a new and better level .So far I've had visits from all 7 continents and my online presence is slowly increasing. I've had visits from countries I never knew like Bahrain and other countires like Dubai, Tokyo and Cape Verde. Wow. Your constant visits boost my blog's traffic. Bear with me for the blog's clumsy look for now, I'm trying to give my blog the best look and feel to it to make you want to come back, stay, read and share what you read. If you see something you like, leave me a comment, share the link, bookmark the page and do whatever you can and need to do to give me more love, support and assitance. I appreciate it greatly. Keep reading, i hope you enjoy my little writings..if you do see something you'll want to see more of do let me know. To those of you who talk to me in person about the blog too, I appreciate that also.
 Thanks for reading I appreciate the support and will definitely keep posting.  I'll keep posting.



Keri looses her virginity to Usher?

Click the video for Keri talking about her first time and where and how Usher plays into all this.

Keri Hilson Lost her Virginity to Usher??!!! from Qdeezy on Vimeo.

I told you Keri's a freak and i like it.


Reverse Cowgirl - Tpain [Video]

I had high expectations for the video, i was thinking more of sexy females and dance moves but eh Tpain decided the best vid to go with a song about a sex position is beads, flowers, water and weird wtf scenes. I like the song though, enjoy the video after the jump.

2 months no gym smh

I been slacking, no killer 6 pack yet, no ripped arms, tearing chest and lady-weeping V. I gotta hit the gym, thing is half of the time I lax off back on my computer and I have a home gym right in the basement. Smh..Laziness....Help please! My summer's gotta go to good use. Maybe i should fly back to birth city CA and get intimidated by those dudes that hang out 2-4-7 at the beach.
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Bad girls...and why we love em

I like a girl that isn't scared to step up to me anytime, not disrespecting, that's a no-go area but a girl who's confident, outspoken and direct in her dealings with guys. No beating about the bush, that shit icks me. An assertive individual that is yet, considerable in dealing with other humans, not no loud ass ghetto hood rat bitch.  A girl who knows the principles of succeeding, is business-inclined, and even though the platform looks scary will take the ballls??? and make moves. This kinda person inspires me to be the best I can and to do better. Idk for some people these class of women are intimidating and somewhat scary. I had a friend once explicitly say he wanted a woman with no confidence. Smh. Well to each brotha his own...


Blog Under Construction

I'm trying to keep my blog up to par to readers as well as myself. ... I'll be working on my blog in and out to try and bring up to par to upscale higher read blogs and to attract the kind of audience intended as well as to provide higher quality info and in turn reach a top-quality status. The tags could be a little messy and some tags won't go with the blogs they should. Posts will come in randomly and may not be filled appropriately. The purpose of this blog might change but the orignal concieved idea was to educate, enlighten, likewise possibly entertain today's modern gentleman...

Janelle Monáe - Tightrope ft. Big Boi [Video]

The video is pretty ill. I like the video, very distinct and different, caught my eye from the first moment i saw it. Janelle's pretty creative and talented; the song is different from what you hear everyday and has an urban feel to it. I also like the dressing the bow ties, suits, loafers and all. Janelle broke out from the same boring regular routine in all of today's songs. No Nicki Minaj wild noise or some Trina ish or Rihanna depression or Gaga craziness. Her expression is pretty dope, the outfits are on point and the song is novel, catchy and has a Bronx-type street acapella swing groove to it. Enjoy the video. 


Reflection Thursdays: Enjoy today's good tidings, yesterday's gone.

Stop looking for yesterdays past glory, happiness and joy. Believe that today and for the days to come more joy awaits you. Think back before your last success, you had no idea it was coming and something else was the "it" of your life. The one big thing you'd done. That's how successes are; they come - intended to fill you with good feelings about yourself and your accomplishment and to fulfill a certain goal you may have had. Once they're done - you get done with them. Fine, there are some achievements that mean more to us than others. Those we hang them on our mental wall of fame. Don't meditate on your past laureates till you can't feel the juice anymore. You've sucked the success nectar, move on and don't stay trying to force / remind yourself of the good feelings your success brought you. I didn't say thrash every good thing that comes your way. Just live, enjoy, and move on. When you keep saving up past successes, happiness, joys and glories you never allow yourself room to gain more happiness. Instead of hanging on to past successes, treat them as memorabilia. Let them remain in your wall of fame to remind you how much of a champ you are. Your success serve to let you remember never to give up or back down. They are a way of saying you did it before and you can always do better. They should be your inspiration not your culmination. Your life is a continuous cycle of successes, happiness and joy. Never cut yourself short by latching on to how good something/someone was. It was good, nice. But there will be more good things in your life. Today, start learning how to permit yourself to not enslave yourself to your successes. They are supposed to be joyful and bring happiness and not cause you to remain stagnant in your growth. Think of your life as a pre-destined success and enjoy the good things come your way.


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