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I swear this internet is UNproductive - it's KILLING

I sit down at the computer, and I swear I'll be productive. Next thing I know it's 12 hours later. I've been on this damn computer since 11pm last night and it's almost dawn. I've checked my email, updated my Facebook status, browsed the trending topics on Twitter, read my RSS feeds, looked up stuff on Wikipedia, read all the new stories online, been on Wikipedia 20times, watch 3million videos, posted 5million comments on 3000 forums, updated my profiles, cyber-stalked all stalk-ables, been on Facebook 500 times even though I swore I won't (just like I said I'll be doing work but here I am BLOGGING!!!).

What I haven't done is WORK.

I've come a long way though, I've stayed off facebook for 3days in a row! (Yay me!!) and I've disabled my Chromed Bird for Twitter and I haven't been there in a minute (couple hours ago). I really should stay off the internet and so, that's what I'll be doing for a while now. I need to get into my school work, catch up with what's going on around me and make some useful contributions by working my brain where it needs to be WORKED. I'm gonna start taking trips to the library and sit WELL AWAY from a computer, I'm gonna stop responding to my Yahoo hit ups and maybe just go offline. I'm gonna try not to see who's on Oovoo or even LOOK at a #TT on twitter. No facebook (I've been good so far) and how 'bout back to the good ol days of reading ink on paper! Music?? I've got a damn radio and a pile of songs -- I can do without hearing what new bullshit is on the radio (Oh let's do it!!) My Tv isn't really a big deal cuz it's either on in front of me and I'm watching Family guy or it's just talking and I'm here - ONLINE. Text messages...oops someone just hit me up on Yahoo..two I swear this is gonna be a marathon. Well, as I was saying Text messages, hmm, my phone's been acting up lately so I guess, God's giving me a helping hand there. Thanks a lot Father. My text messages blow up to 100% filled like in 3minutes, anyone who's close to me knows I've blown up my phone with constantly always charging it. The damn thing can't go up to 3minutes (no kidding) without a charger plugged in. What a whore for I'm gonna try and bet it aint gon be easy.

So, if you catch me strolling aimlessly or wandering socially or trying to start a convo with you or just seeing my status as ONLINE ANYWHERREEE....hit me up to GET BACK TO WORK and I don't mean reading my inbox I MEAN STUDYING so I can get a degree and then a bigger sa-la-ry (Education -- I tell u that damn commercial is annoying as fuck You know I wanna be like DuBois or Thurgood Marshall or Douglass or Brooke you know, someone with ambition, determination and a spirit to lead. I guess online won't be my friend in the long run. When you see me, don't be a stranger, pat me on the back (especially if you are a studious one) and encourage me to skip parties and study hard and long, get scholarships, get a notable degree, advance and become a shining star.


Till I blog next time (maybe just right after a hot exam),

The Gentleman

o n yea, I'm trying to make my blog more about urban style, hip-hop, music, and of course forever - self improvement, so I'm open to ALL ideas. Just hit one of the buttons below and drop a line on twitter, FB, Oovoo, Yahoo etc.


How do you know when what you are doing is right?

How do you know when what you are doing is right? Is it when people around you are happy? When everyone seems to follow you? When everyone 'likes' you? When everyone 'hates' on you? When your 'guts' tell you you're right? When family seems to be in agreement? When everything seems to be going 'right'? When you feel happy? When you feel satisfied? When you feel content? Some higher power? Your accountability to someone/people/group/organization/principle(s)? When you've followed your values and morals? or when you've just done what you've always felt like doing?

How do you judge yourself to know when you are doing the 'right' thing? When is something 'right' for you?
Unlocking this answer will show you:
1. How you think of yourself
2. How important you think of yourself
3. The basis you judge yourself
4. What is/are really important to you - your underlying beliefs, principles and values.

So, take a seat, give yourself some room and ask yourself:
                         "How do you know when what you are doing is right?"


Our greatest fear.

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate,
but that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us.
We ask ourselves,
Who am I to be brilliant,gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some, it is in everyone.

And, as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Fear of the unknown is our greatest fear. Many of us would enter a tiger's lair before we would enter a dark cave. While caution is a useful instinct, we lose many opportunities and much of the adventure of life if we fail to support the curious explorer within us.


Kiss my ass.

Just in case you didn't get it. I'll say it in a couple languagues :

 Spanish - Bese mi asna
 French - Embrassez mon ├óne
German - kussen sie meinen esel
Italian - Baci il mio asino
Portugese - Beije meu burro



Dreams, Goals and Motives.

Your dream is what pushes you. It is your driving force. It is what leads you to set goals, ambitions etc. Without your dream, there would be no reason to strive for a goal, there would be no gas to push you and you will not see any reason why you should pursue whatever goal it is you want to achieve. Ever wondered why you start off on a project all hyped and shit and halfway through you wonder - why you started in the first place? It is because you lost your motivation - you have forgotten what it was that drove you madly to follow through your project. In the beginning you would do every and any to get it done, now your attitude is indifference.
The solution - from my life experiences I've learnt that my dream is THE MOST important element. Yes, most people write you off and tell you your dreams are imaginations, or you could posion your dreams with negativity from people and yourself, however you, in the long run have to  to decide what you want for yourself and keep your dream constantly fresh in  your mind. Think about it - how would it feel when you accomplished that goal, how would you talk, act, and walk. It is yours, see it like none other, feel it, be it.

Till you can feel your dream so close to you - you never will have motivation, courage or confidence to go for it. So after reading this, get the hell up outta bed - write your dreams for various aspects of your life and VOW to keep them fresh as ever.


Ahhh...I'm sleepy

So my sleep cycle is basically turned amiss during this short break. I sleep at 7/8am and wake up at 2pm. Then me and my holmes eat "breakfast" at 3pm. Sleep some extra till 4-5ish pm. Play Xbox till 7pm. (Eat "lunch" in-between). Watch a movie, use the internet, shower etc till 8ish 9pm then dip out for the night till 1/2/3 depending on how the night goes. Then back home, so-called diner (or whatever you're calling that)...then i "boo-love" on the phone or whatever there is...Then some horror or thriller movie or some netflix failed attempt at such. Then computer and the cycle continues. I love how I've told myself I'm going to do school work this break (so help me God) and do "all" I'm supposed to do. Watch me heading to bed now and I "want to" head to the library. #letmefindout my sleep cycle has been permanently tempered with. Fuck it! Good night y'all.

The Gentleman (I know it's color free today)


Gaga Ft Beyonce - Telephone

Wow, if you haven't seen this video, you should be seeing it here right now. The graphics are well "gaga-ish" and the plot is interesting and crazy as usual. Knowing that it was written by the very weird, eccentric, creative and gotta-love Lady Gaga herself. The dialogue, one hilarious p.o.s  "too Bad she doesn't have a dick." eh eheh stop calling my telephone.

I laughed my ass out dying..

Just click below to see the main thing...LMFAO.

Click your smelly finger on a post and make a comment or just Tell us here “what niggas like” oh and we are talking about HOOD NIGGAS! Not black people, american africans, or african americans, or rich niggas, it’s all about the HOOD NIGGA!


How many - Do the numbers matter?

The Gentleman would like to know, ladies: how many sexual experiences is/should be considered "too much"? When is the girl a ho/whore/slut etc? When is it "too much"?i'm just curious and I want to know.
Fellas: do we have a maximum number? LOL. How many sexual experiences is/should be considered too much? Is there such a thing? What should the ratio be like?

The Gentleman is curious to hear your responses. Post anonymously if you wish.


Reflections Thursdays: F-E-A-R-S.

So, I just finished watching Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. The movie taught and reminded me of some stuff I've already known per say. It reminded me of fears and how we deal with them. Roscoe Jenkins always thought of himself as a loser and so he always tried to compete with Clyde his cousin. One competition they had became a major component in his life - which reminded of something else: Childhood. No matter how much we try to "deceive" ourselves that our childhood has no effect on us IT DOES. Childhood is when we develop most of our traits, "personality" etc. The competition included a wager of whoever wins asks the town's dime to the Spring dance. Well Roscoe won but "slick" Clyde asked her out either-ways. Long story short Roscoe went about trying to "transform" himself into what he thought of as a winner - some Tv show host with money. The odd side is no matter how we try to transform ourselves with MATERIALISTIC things. The "loser-mentality" we may have of ourselves NEVER transforms ALONGSIDE until we deal with it. SO, Roscoe kept trying to beat Clyde trying to be better than him etc. And it really cost him a lot - even though he didn't see it (as we all will never will): relationship with his son, family and marrying some figure 0 chick probably to satisfy his inner insecurity that he can't get dimes.
And here is what came back to mind after watching that movie (and from my private life) : In dealing with fears and insecurity DO NOT:

  • EVER try to deceive yourself that your fears do not exist - u r LYING like a bitch and will never conquer your fears.
  • Try to cover/subsitiute your fears for something else. Eg u r scared of approaching dimes so u rather approach 300 ugly broads #FAIL.
  • Try to "transform" urself. U r only giving gas to the idea that you are indeed a loser and that u r not good enough as you are UNTIL you CHANGE yourself. 
  • Try to cover your fears with materialistic things - they only fuel your fear and make it look bigger than it actually is.
However, DO

  • Acknowledge your fears - u dont have to ACCEPT them. Just acknowledge their presence and begin to work from there. 
  • Take a step to working on your fears - as much as it hurts to know that we are not perfect, you'll only become stronger when you can look your fears in the face.
  • Dare to dream, imagine what it would be like if your fears were not there. Picture it in your mind, feel like you would feel, see like you would see and soon you would transport yourself there. Eg I want to land a certain position: if i do begin to compose myself like someone for that position the likelihood of me getting that position increases (i'll talk more about this in another post).
  • Accept that no one is perfect and still make a move to better-ness.
  • Love yourself unconditionally.
So in summary:
  • Make a move towards working on your fears, eg if a guy scared of approaching females might start by gaining more female friends; get comfortable with being around  females then take another progressive step. 
  • Dare to dream - you block your dream when you allow your fears to grow bigger than your faith especially faith in yourself. 
Till next time...

Keep reading,

                                                                 The Gentleman


10(+1) stuff I've learned.

  I bumped into many “it seems there’s no way to get over this” moments in my life. They’re all in the past now.

 Whatever you say to you into your mind, you will silently say to others around you. Treat yourself nice.

 When you want something, go get it. Don’t fantasize about having it. (FAV!)

  Happiness is a process, not a goal.

 Somebody may hurt you at some point and you may hurt somebody. Pain is part of the game. Suffering is optional.

 Everything you get, you wanted at some point. You only get what you want.

 It’s ok to be loved by other people, even if you don’t love yourself.

 Whenever you feel you can’t do it anymore, you can do it at least twice the time you did it. That’s a fact.

 Believe your intuition. Just don’t let it know that, it will inflate with pride and lose accuracy.

 You don’t need permission to be happy. Nor acceptance or validation. (FAV 2)

  Stop doing stuff. Start living your life. (FAV 3)

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Honorable Shoutout

#shoutout to my asian persuasions, Rican mamis, Chicas, Cream Choco Lovers, every illegal to Black Men..Yall doing GOOOD Kip up d Good work...

LUBBB yall muchly!  MUUUAAHH

Atychiphobia - Fear Of Failure

Fear of failure can hold you back. But failure isn’t all that bad really. It can be very helpful if you choose to see it that way.
The thing is to reframe failure from being something that makes your legs shake to something useful and important for the growth of your self confidence and your overall growth as a human being.
Here are four ways that failure can help you out:
  • You learn. Instead of seeing failure as something horrible you can start to view it more as a learning experience. When standing in the middle of a failure, you can ask yourself questions like: What’s awesome about this situation? What can I learn from this situation?
  • You gain experiences you could not get any other way. Ideally, you probably want to learn from other people’s mistakes and failures. That’s not always easy to do though. Sometimes you just have to fail on your own to learn a lesson and to gain an experience no one can relate to you in mere words.
  • You become stronger. Every time you fail you become more accustomed to it. You realize more and more that it’s not the end of the world. And, again, you get desensitized. You can handle things that would have been very hard to handle a few years back.
  • Your chances of succeeding increases. Every time you fail you can learn and increase your inner strength. So over time you become more and more likely to succeed.

The most important life-skill

One good life skill is to be able to chill out. To be calm in negative situations and not overreact about all kinds of things. Or invent big, big problems in your mind – or create them in your world as you drag other people in through arguments – by making mountains out of molehills. Essentially even religious books speak of remaining calm and never getting anxious. s 

The Gentleman's 10 Tips to life..

  1.     Be a good example. People watch what you do more than they listen to what you say. Be someone worth emulating.

   2.   Care about others. People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care. Ask questions. Take a genuine interest In. people.

   3.    Encouragement. Everyone goes through tough times. When you support people and encourage them through these times, you’ll be inspiring them to see the best in themselves & in the situation.

   4.  Be inspired yourself. Look for people, ideas, environments and knowledge that you find inspiring and motivating.

   5.  Share from your own experience. You have more to share than you realize. Mine the rich experiences of your life and share your wisdom from your unique point of view. You may be the only one who can touch someone with your inspiring message.

   6. Be vulnerable. Be willing to share your failures as well as your successes. Others will relate to you. They’ll understand that they’re not the only ones with challenges.

   7.  Tell stories. Facts tell and stories sell. They inspire, too. We learn best from parables and we all need to develop our own inspiring stories.

   8.  Be a good communicator. Increasing your ability to communicate effectively is a critical element for you to inspire others. Watch how you speak and what you say. Invest In. your communication skills.

   9.  Challenge people. Many of us have had teachers who at times seemed more like tormentors than mentors. They challenged us to do our best, and we were better for it. Practice "care-frontation"—the careful and caring confrontation of others.

  10. Read. It may not follow that all readers are leaders, but certainly all leaders are readers. Stay informed. Share what you read with others. Tell people about books that have inspired you. Share the knowledge. 

Read, Learn and Live...
                                                   The Gentleman



So if you have a computer you most likely must have at least heard of the "#FAMUsextape". A little bit of looking up here and there and BAM! As much as I was surprised at FAMU students getting their FAMU on, the FAMU sex tape isn't actually some sextape made in FAMU by FAMU students..etc. It's staged porn . If u saw the link posted before, at the beginning of the movie it says ""

So, for those skeptics (who, this would be you just display signs of being apparently DUMB). Lemme break it down:
1. The actors/actresses made reference to college life soooo often it became clear as fake. "this is what u do when ur parents aren't around", "I love college", "This is college life". Even in action they still talking about "I love college life". Shut up broad and take dick, period.
2. If it was a random video, why were u all in dere at the same time "supposedly" and why are there pics of them posing in Click HERE.[Warning: explicit content *do not open at work*]. There were no flash cameras in the vid so ......
3. has a contest to win $10,000 (Yea, get ur vids in FREAKS) and why won't this be an incentive?
4. The girls made a LOT of noise. No RAs in FAMU? Nosey students? Extra youtube video flicks by nosey BLACK students? #cmonson.

But guess what, there'll still be skeptics, I recommend get their heads checked at this point..but for coming to the Gentleman, homework is done well here.

One of the actresses is named Ashley Tidwell, nickname Flawless. Her myspace ( was public as of last night (source: vividlybland) but is now locked. She has pics of everyone in the vid - Jomarie (the asian chick), Alize, Cali, and Double D's. "IRONIC" enough (sarcasm) she has an album titled "Miami" go pics from the album
Click HERE and HERE.
For crying out loud she lives in Chicago and is a MODEL. If you trying to get your freak on or get in touch with any of them freaky broads..sure..The Gentleman makes sure not to cockblock or kittyblock (she's lesbian/bi), So, FOLLOW HERE ON TWITTER - @Flawless_One1. As a porn actress, I think she aiite, so there's no need to hate on anyone's job but her most recent tweet shows she's getting it from people, probably #FAMU students. That would be enough details for one day... I go to school.

Read and leave your comments. Anybody up for #*insert school here*Sextape?

Stay reading...

                                                                    The Gentleman

I am Worth...'s so funny how we wait for the Physical to prove to us that we are who we are. We really don't need people to tell us who we are or wat we r made of. The fact that that Girl doesn't smile at u when u walk past doesn't mean she's not krazi over u - u'll b surprised to hear what she thinks of u (even in private *hint*).
The best thing is to look into the Mirror and know who u see, From inside out tell urself of ur worth, ur standards and what u stand for, and whether some foo notices or not - u still the bomb. U don't have to be the bomb for anyone else jus shine for u - jus cuz.
Evaluate yourself - are you better than yesterday according to your standards and what YOU think is important? Yes.Good job, keep doing what you doing. No. Turn the fuck around and get to YOUR goals and vision.

Till you can look in the mirror and see YOU and not someone/some-people's SELF in the mirror, you are not growing far.

Till next time,
Kip Reading....

                                                                  The Gentleman.


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