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Reflections Thursdays: Christianity is the closest religion to common sense

It teaches basic truths and wisdom. Life has consequences, while you're in your youth you will make very many mistakes, do not argue with a fool, take moments to laugh, you are in charge of your life and life is a series of personal decisions we make, make an approach to life with humor and positivity , truth is paradoxical, we are created in the image of God which means we are also creators, temporary trends must never take precedence over permanent things - fads, fashion and petty, democracy operates under the principle of common sense - you can rule yourself with the free will of choice you have. 

Do you know of any other religion that provides room for extinguishing philosophical starvation? Let me hear your opinion.

Reflection Thursdays: A Self-discovery

This is a self-discovery I made; it's common knowledge but after a bit of introspecting it occurred to me consciously.
Life is pointless if you can not take risks, make moves and explore boundaries. What use is it if you would latch on so tight closely and knitly to things from the past: experiences, events, thoughts, people , good and bad??? You bind yourself to the past and this commitment will keep you from ever move forward.
I pray it inspire you.


Wise quote - Words of wisdom

I made one of those eureka self-revealing insights today that I wanna share with you all:

Never contend with ignorance, it only sucks you lower into a whirpool of an absymal endless cycle of ignorance
Point is when someone/something/yourself begins a talk/idea that is clearly false and contradictory to the beliefs, principles, values and morals you live by. Discard the thought and don't even entertain further by replying or starting an argument, it only sends you into a mindset of a fool/ignorant and worse still cause pain, discomfort and the ultimate sin - self-doubt.


Nice Girls finish last

The nice person syndrome/ phenomenon doesn't apply to guys only. Nice girls TOO finish last. So who is a nice girl? Girls that call 5-10 times a day to ask how the day's going Face it, there are more guys than girls in the world. Sort of explains why many women hookup with anything with a dick

The Cheaters Guide

I don't support cheating or anything of the sort but I believe in excelling and doing best in all you do. That said, let's get to details. I advocate MILFs, Cougars and sugar mummies; both ends of the spectrum are necessary to help instill the right frame of versatility, sense of maturity, experience and exposure. 

Remeber keep DETAILS to YOURSELF
She's the PROVIDER ...
To Be Continued 

For the ladies - Figuring Mr. Right.

Down right it's known women  fantasize about Mr. Right all the time, well I'm going to give the tips to help you identify if your next mate is Mr. Right.

1. How much of you is he willing to listen about? If your next date is your Mr. Right he should definitely wanna hear more about you. There's the 'm hmm im listening' that's the move guys use when aiming solely for the lay. His body language should correspond to how much he claims to be listening. Key moves like looking in your eyes, leaning a bit closer, mirroring body movements and asking questions are vital. Pay attention to how much he's actually trying to get to know about you and less of how much cars he has, houses, money or how many more females want him. Any of that - go onto the next one. If he's not listening or trying to figure about you then he's mostly not a candidate for Mr. Right. Mr Right will listen, remember your important dates and offer emotional support in honest and thoughtful ways.

2. Does he need you to change? Granted there has to be sacrifice in a relationship - the guy sacrifices a  bit of his personality to make his woman happy and vice-versa. However, if tolerance turns into torture, it's time to look for a new mate. Sacrificing yourself to make a relationship work isn't necessary in the right relationship. You don't have to hide, tone down, or apologize for any aspect of you or your (beautiful) life. With the right partner, you're not only able to be yourself, but you're better able to be the best version of your most authentic self -- no compromises needed.


Trey Songz ft Nicki Minaj - Bottoms up [Video]

Trey Songz (ft Nicki Minaj) releases the video for the single Bottoms Up, off his upcoming album. Check out the video.

Rating: 3/5
 Nothing spectacular, nothing new. Just a retake of Usher's video for Lil Freak. The joint is below expectation, reminds me of Tpain's Reverse Cowgirl.

Phenomenal Man [Poem]

Hard-knock men wonder
Where about my hardness lies
I constantly remind
That I am not a gangster, thug, roughneck
Or any of your 'hood' guys
When I try to explain my theory
Their eyes become leery
I say
The heart that lies in the center of my chest
The boldness in my feet
The pride that I keep
Makes me a man, phenomenally
Phenomenal man
That’s me

The bronze caramel of my skin
The perfection of my teeth
The passion in my eyes
Makes me a Phenomenal Man

I am the light in the midst of darkness,
The fountain of knowledge
The hand of warmth to those around me
The young Man in whose eyes the children garner inspiration and strength
And the old grow hope.
I am the mentor of the children
The ladies follow behind
Pretending to be part of my shadow
I say
Do not blame those guys
For not knowing who they are
They don't know
It is the strength of my soul
The authority in my voice
The boldness of my character
Makes me
A Phenomenal Man

It's in the vibrancy of my youth
The versatility of my manhood
The persistence of my spirit
The livelihood of my presence
Makes me a Phenomenal Man

Wacka Flocka FAIL! Dives and lands HEAD FIRST in crowd

This coon fools himself and aims for a crowd surf followed by his league of male groupies. Check out dude at 1:00. 


Blog Trends

You know what, it's funny but i noticed that major US visits to my blog are mostly towards sex and sex-themed articles. Then music, gossip and more sex-themed material. The theme of today's American society Sex Sells isn't a joke; maybe i'll play the monopoly and give you readers what you want? or stay 'true' to my blog's intent? What's your preference?



How to dress for a job interview like a man.

While it may be unfair that people judge others by their appearance, it is a fact. Make the best first impression possible. A black suit is too formal for an interview, while a tan or khaki suit is viewed as too casual. Even if you are interviewing for a job in a company that has a more casual corporate atmosphere, you will be safer dressing up a notch. Always dress for your next job, not your current one. 

Fun things to do with Vodka

Know your drinks, love your vodka? Think twice, click to see fun things to do with your vodka. 


Kanye west - Power [World Premiere]

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Hip Hop On Blast: the imagery, symbols, benediction of fame and the larger scheme..

Author's note: I present an Introduction into what I categorize as the Pawn Movement. Mass media churning the masses via blind puppetry. To this end I quote Adam Weishaupt who said: 
"Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery.” 

The fad of today is the closer you are to popular culture the closer to success you are. Individuality is PREACHED but NEVER practiced. The ruling powers are in to resume ultimatum. Just when you thought mysteria, symbols and dark couture are meant and associated with rock, punk and alternative music, the fad seeps into hiphop. Isn't hiphop supposed to be for awareness, education, celebration, entertainment and uplift of black folk? Since when did the fuse (starters are Lil Wayne with his HipRock bullsh*t) become cool? Anyway, hiphop does nothing these days than entertain the club. Rihanna ushered  disturbia, jayz does onto the next one, and Kanye does Power. These songs made it on the charts and inevitably brought the artists some pay. Update: need i mention OtisRumor has it that some of these artists have a pact with a satanistic cult or the sort. Some of the artists have denied, others declined comments. But what's interesting is that each of these artists have a connection to each other. Beyonce's married to jayz who signed kanye who also signed rihanna and neyo who writes most of rihanna's dark songs. Saying 'white folk' do the darnedest things will be base ignorance, after-all black folk swallow all/anything thrown at them.

Smell like a Gent

As we round up summer and head for the fall, feign not! This doesn't mean time to thrash your old bottles and head to the store. Some of those old summer scents can last you through fall, especially if you're a broke college kid like me. Without much ado let's see what's still hot for you(r lady) and your wallet. More details after the jump.


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Yoooooooooooooo! Thanks for making my blog international, i didn't even think this was gonna be possible when i started blogging. Thanks once again and keep reading, commenting and bookmark this page. 

Cali Swag District - Teach me how to [Dougie]

These are the new dudes teaching America how to dougie. Starting as an internet hit and ending a deal with Checkmate Music Group and Capitol Records. The oldest of the quad a Dj of just 20, they are topping the charts with their Cali Swag-ged [Dougie] move.  See the explicit version after the jump


The basis of trust in childhood: How we develop trust.

Psychologists all over agree that most of the issues we deal with as adults often have their roots in our childhood, our experiences and environment. One of the key elements we learn to develop as kids is trust. Who we trust, when and the basis for trust. We learn to know who will believe us, why and when. Knowing that our parents won't believe us if we said some things as kids we start to keep things to ourself and it affects our relationships and the type of people we trust in future. More often the effect is felt by women than men because women feel more compelled to express their emotions. To build healthy trust factor in kids: listen to all they have to say - the sensible and silly. Kids have to know you'll listen to them and hear them out. Think back to when you were a kid. Listen, hear them out and correct or give your input if it's needed. Sometimes kids just wanna be heard. This is how we can have more healthy, confident and socially apt adults.


Something dope

Check out my new tech toy. It's amazing how good things come not always in super high-end designers, i don't think CK is.  It's classy, comfortable, leather and sports me good in casual, formal and stuff between. (img might be a bit blurry)

O and btw, happy 100th blog post!


Deleting Facebook friends

-Facebook Friend Removal Prompt-
Why do we delete facebook friends? Does it do really do anything? Is this a mean move? Does deleting someone from your facebook automatically delete them from our life? Sometimes deleting people from facebook can help seal them off your life. I delete for many reasons, reducing clutter, junk and unwanted people. Do you? Why?

Gaga's reason for celibacy

 Gaga graces the September cover of Vanity Fair, on newsstands nationwide August 10.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Lady Gaga says she is trying to avoid sex for a rather off-beat reason. “I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina,” the singer says in the magazine’s September issue.
Okayy Gaga..U tell them and make sure nobody steals your creative juice from your cooch. silly broad


A Gentleman Wonders.... [Black Foolery] They Rape'n Everybody out here

Another Soulja Boy internet one hit wonder.( A guy breaks into a house to rape some lady and her brother goes all out on why people rape nowadays. Check out video for interview and see the real news clip after the jump.


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