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How do you know when what you are doing is right?

How do you know when what you are doing is right? Is it when people around you are happy? When everyone seems to follow you? When everyone 'likes' you? When everyone 'hates' on you? When your 'guts' tell you you're right? When family seems to be in agreement? When everything seems to be going 'right'? When you feel happy? When you feel satisfied? When you feel content? Some higher power? Your accountability to someone/people/group/organization/principle(s)? When you've followed your values and morals? or when you've just done what you've always felt like doing?

How do you judge yourself to know when you are doing the 'right' thing? When is something 'right' for you?
Unlocking this answer will show you:
1. How you think of yourself
2. How important you think of yourself
3. The basis you judge yourself
4. What is/are really important to you - your underlying beliefs, principles and values.

So, take a seat, give yourself some room and ask yourself:
                         "How do you know when what you are doing is right?"

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