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Ciara - Ride [Video]

The song is sexy, the video not as hot as it should have been, or so i think. Her body is still sexy #asusual and her moves were sexy. I like the clothes she wore even though they were cheap and old ass lookin, they showed her body and allowed her ooze her oo so ever sexual appeal. Made me think how possible it was she was/is a hemaphordite...ha maybe that's why she wore some tight ass gown/whatever that shit was to show HEY I DON'T HAVE A DICK...LOL. I beleived u all along CiCi.  She's all alone in the video though, I don't know if it's the recession and no cash for backups or just part of the whole video concept, who knows? Ci is undeniably sexy, the song is definitely clockable and bedroom certified. Enjoy. 


Using your rights - Daily Inspiration.

Today, you stop taking shit. From you or anyone else. Today you have the permission to say no when you do not like something or are dissatisfied with a situation.You have every right to be dissatisfied. You are permitted to not be ok with something or someone. You have every right to feel like you are not treated the way you ought to. You deserve the best. Today you begin to speak up when you feel you are not served right.
It's a given right. Express your dissatisfaction, it's a due entitlement.


A Gentleman pens?!... Let's play the slut game

Who’s a slut? Most girls are confused or look surprised when they’re told they are sluts. I don't know why the pretense but read on for slut guidelines.
The rules 
   1.       If you sleep with your crew                - you’re a slut – big time.
   2.       If you lead a guy on then bang some dude by the side  - you’re a slut.
   3.       If you plain ol sleep around                                 - you’re a slut.
   4.       If when  all you talk about Is sex and how you’re good in bed  - you’re a slut
   5.       If a friend says you’re a slut  -                                                             60% you might be a slut.
   6.       If friends have pics of you on their cell phone –                                     you’re a slut (first class)
   7.       If every dude has your number (i mean "EVERY")             -                   you’re a world class slut
   8.       If you act like a slut, talk like a slut and *look* like a slut,                   - you’re a slut
   9.       If you try to defend your slutty ways by saying guys are sluts               - you’re a big slut
   10.   If you passed more than two of the above - then you are a slut.  
  11. If your vagina is responsible for more than 5% of dudes at the health clinic - you're a slut
   12. If guys are always around you only bcus u put out  - ditto
    13. If your clit is a death zone for dicks - ditto

Bonus: If it even occurs to you to ask yourself if you're a slut - You are. 

Don't let fear rule you

Dont' feed your fears. Just because you feel afraid of something doesn't mean you are slave to it or will become a prey or become your fear. It's natural to feel fear, it's an emotion and sometimes instinctive in humans allowing it rule you is another story. The point is to figure out what we feel fear to/for and correct our perception of what is actually dangerous to us than what we feel/think based on, most often one-time experiences or what society, family has taught us.
When you feel fear, find out where it's coming from and why. Defy your fear and prove to yourself that it means nothing by opting to do exactly what your fear shakes you for.  When you feel fear it's a response based on your judgement and perception of danger. That is, what danger means to you personally. Don't compare yourself, because what you might perceive as dangerous to you, or your wellbeing (mental, social, emotional etc) may not be for the other. Do not surpress your fear, you only make it gain the upper hand. Allow yourself to feel fear, sometimes it makes you stronger to face whatever it is causing the fear. Remind yourself fear is an emotion with options for action. You decide how the ball rolls, to give in to the fear and live your life in terror of something that 99.9% probably has no effect on you or to courageously face what is tormenting you. Shit, you have the right to remain happy and if anything comes between you and your given right it's to the death. When you let yourself know you will not let anything come between you and your happiness, you'll find yourself living more bravely and courageously. You pick and choose which way from here.  Remember, a man isn't courageous because he feels no fear, he is courageous because he has decided to not live by fear.


Daily Feed -· You have the power to change your destiny

Your life ball is in your court. You have the power to say enough is enough. You don’t need the permission of anyone to decide the goals you want for yourself. Today is the day you wake up and take a stance for what you believe in. Set goals for yourself and start today to work towards them. You can be all you want if you simply accept and grant yourself the permission to be. All you need is around you. Allow yourself to bask in the abundance of all you have and soak yourself in the strength that comes from focusing on your goals. 


Keep the summer cool and light.

Layer down: Layers are for winter. Stay cool with light tee-shirts, keep dress shirts for only when necessary and keep the $300 jacket in the closet till winter. Don't look like a fool either, keep the tanks for the beach, cookouts and quick get outs.

Colors: Darker colors are for the winter and colder times, during the summer liven up your style with fresh and exciting colors. This is not an excuse to look like a color book, so keep the colors minimal. Remember when wearing colors that "matching" is not key, "pairing" is. Wear colors to complement your outfit and slightly contrast to your skin tone. Lighter colored men can wear colors like baby blue, red, fresh green etc while darker men can wear blue, maroon, brown etc.

Keep it simple: You are not in a rap video, drop the over sized accessories for women and keep it simple with no more than 3 [max] accessories at a time. You know your closet is full of bling, that's good for you now don't wear them all at once. Accessories like the aviators, a simple neck chain and silver/stainless steel bracelets work well.

Be reasonable: Don't wear boots, baggy jeans, scarfs, or hoodies. Unless you have a bad case of hypothermia, wear the right seasonal clothes.

Lighten your scent: Girls like men to smell classy, stylish, confident and light. Lay off bathing in colognes and stick to two to three whiffs per wear. Don't be afraid to mix scents up to come up with your own signature scent. Remember, all colognes don't smell the same on everyone, make sure you test the colognes before buying them. Test for the first note (the original smell with the alcohol), the middle note (5-10 mins later) and the last note (1hr later). The last note is what it will smell like on you. Summer would call for Eau de Parfumes, so keep colognes off the mark for now. For playful scents I recommend Calvin Klein Eternity or Acqua di Gio, for the club scents I recommend Play by Givenchy or Diesel Fuel for life by Diesel.

Stay off comfort zones: You a sneaker head, your bad habits are getting to you. This summer stay lighter with flip flops, wear shorts, and get new habits. Switch up your routine and quit boring yourself out.

You don't have to spend a ton of wad staying light for summer, shop at department stores like Macy's, Marshalls and even some good thrift stores. Stores like H&M, Express, Urbanoutfitters, DTLR and SprtZone sell quality stuff for good prices. All in all, there's money to look good, chase women and buy drinks. Stay a gentleman and knuckles to the summer ahead!

 Add some spruce to your closet and get these fun socks. $8, available at Urban Outfitters nationwide.


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