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To say the least how long is it, 4 years?

This is exciting. I want you to examine yourself and ask how have you changed? how are you new, different, evolved, compared to yourself, say, last post ago. Think hard. 


How to get into a Black Greek Sorority FINAL - Part III

Having all the requirements does not necessarily guarantee a person privilege to be admitted into a chapter. Although it does pay to know a little bit about the organization you are interested in and an overview of Black Greek Life, this knowledge does not sufficiently display a vested interest in the organization for the right reasons.  Just as Part 1 gives a brief insight into Black Greek Sororities and Part 2 delves into further detail on the Dos, this final chapter hints on what NOT to do, as an aspirant. Keep Reading After the jump for more info. 


How to get into a Divine 9/Black Greek Sorority Part II

Black Greek sorority life can be exhilarating  a rewarding experience for many ad a lifetime of friends, lifelong bond of sisters and a bounty of professional networks, connections and valuable experiences. Yet gaining admission into one can be one of he most daunting tasks, daunting for the frail-in-heart and worthwhile for those who strive hard enough to EARN a spot as a soror in one of these Black Greek Sororities. With their long standing history and rich culture , Black Greek sororities were mostly founded in the face of adversity and racial challenge to women of the time, thus the attitudes of selectivity and exclusion can be justified for the founders worked hard to create an organization that will admit quality women. To get an idea of these organizations, read Part I. Keep reading after the jump to learn more


How to get into a Divine 9/Black Greek Sorority

This is a 3 part series for girls who want to be a part of an NPHC Sorority but don't know how to express interest or what to do. Each organization has it's requirements and while you may be interested in an organization, there is no guarantee you fit the requirements or the organization may not be interested in you. Keep reading after the jump to learn more


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