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Dreams, Goals and Motives.

Your dream is what pushes you. It is your driving force. It is what leads you to set goals, ambitions etc. Without your dream, there would be no reason to strive for a goal, there would be no gas to push you and you will not see any reason why you should pursue whatever goal it is you want to achieve. Ever wondered why you start off on a project all hyped and shit and halfway through you wonder - why you started in the first place? It is because you lost your motivation - you have forgotten what it was that drove you madly to follow through your project. In the beginning you would do every and any to get it done, now your attitude is indifference.
The solution - from my life experiences I've learnt that my dream is THE MOST important element. Yes, most people write you off and tell you your dreams are imaginations, or you could posion your dreams with negativity from people and yourself, however you, in the long run have to  to decide what you want for yourself and keep your dream constantly fresh in  your mind. Think about it - how would it feel when you accomplished that goal, how would you talk, act, and walk. It is yours, see it like none other, feel it, be it.

Till you can feel your dream so close to you - you never will have motivation, courage or confidence to go for it. So after reading this, get the hell up outta bed - write your dreams for various aspects of your life and VOW to keep them fresh as ever.


  1. take me home and make me yours baby

  2. take me home and make me yours baby :)

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