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Stuff Black People Like - NAACP.

  Founded in 1909, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the United States. The NAACP was a major contributor in the fight for equal rights for all people regardless of race. Today the NAACP works to ensure equal rights for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, etc., but primarily black people, which is why they like it so much.
    The last recorded lynching occurred in 1968. That is only 40 years ago. 40 YEARS AGO!??!! Between 1882 and 1968 there were 4,743 recognized executions, and certainly many more unknown killings for little more than insulting a white man, making boastful remarks, or seeking employment, which black people do DO, for the record. The hard work and determination of the black race and certainly the efforts of the NAACP put an end to these racial injustices, so of course the NAACP holds a special place in black peoples hearts.
    If you are hanging out with the one black person you know and the organization comes up in conversation, make sure you don’t pronounce it “N-A-A-C-P.” It is pronounced “N-double A-C-P” and your credibility will certainly be questioned if you don’t pronounce it this way. If you have made this mistake, and your one black friend is offended, try offering them a grape soda or lunch at Chik-Fil-A, this will certainly put you back in their good graces.
    While racism, ignorance, and irrational ill will between races does still exist today, America has come a long way in the last 100 years, largely due to the NAACP, which celebrates it’s 100 year birthday in 2009. Today, the NAACP has programs to encourage black people to engage in electoral processes, receive equal education, eliminate economic disparities, etc.
    Black people may not discuss the organization openly so you may not be aware of it, but it is a certainty that every black person above the age of 7 knows of the NAACP, and terrible injustices black people faced just 40 years ago. There is no point in beating around the bush. There is no bush for black people. Just concrete, school yards, and the same desire and potential as every other person, of every other race color and gender.

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Lol, No Comments. 

A Gentleman Ponders..."EVERY" Black Male is in Prison.

    Recently in one of my classes my professor stated a common myth - "There are more black males in prison than they are in college". You probably completed the sentence before you finished reading it. But it's rarely noted how misleading this is. l once held that view till a discussion I had with this lady a day before. She made some resounding points and gave some serious schooling. She told us the college age (~17-24) is what is compared to the prison age(~15-80) so of course, why wouldn't there be "MORE" black men in prison. However, my professor made a good point, she asked the black men to identify by raising their hands and yes, there was a handful of us. Disregarding i attend a primarily Caucasian school.

I'm Black.

Wow, today was eventful. I'm chilling with a photographer when we get into the well known argument of
" Africans go back to your country". I'm telling the photographer[African] that he needs to go back to his country because he's taking up resources that might have been used to fulfill a "legit" American's needs. *insert my smiley face here* . Of course we are not enemies so fortunately we didn't get to the point of shooting each other or sending fists to faces. We are talking when I invite a fellow [A black american] to join (supposedly I intended for a light bit of entertainment *evil face*) so the Gentleman tells this black fellow about what my African brother had just said. What transpired I consider one of those things you consider Life Bookmarks(yes, you heard that term 1st on The Gentleman - so go on now and use it in your "deep" myspace and facebook statuses). On a serious note, homeboy SHATTERED my "beliefs" and stereotypes. Brotha got me thinking on how we as individuals sum up people just by what they do, appearance etc..earlier in the day my boss was telling me how my "pickyness" about cute girls was gonna be my downfall.. :( oops... and she explained how it is a phase of my life now but I should look for someone I can Reason with, Share my beliefs and values with and communicate with - All good points GRANTED she doesn't have to be a faux-Barbie. This fellow who works in my school went on with Socio-Politico talks, Racism agendas, Quotations from books, Spilling titulars from the times of MLK, Malcolm X to the basis of religion, justifying the laziness of the Black man by the ideology that the government has a hand in letting black people wallow in laxity. I was speechless for most of his "speech" and the conversation was mostly between him and the photographer. It let me see how shallow my thinking can be allowed to go if kept not in check. You would think (society playing the key part) that this fellow working his job and coming from the neighborhood he does would know naught of academia, society, politics and the economic situations/playings of the society. He spoke on EVERY subject the sun granted - religion, Obama, Politics, Racism, Life in the hood (in an objective logical and reasonable manner).

As much as I was astonished and intrigued, I felt a sense of pride. I could also tell he was proud of himself, his intelligence ans significant amount of knowledge. His voice grew in strength as he hopped from one topic to another, I had to stop both of them discussing and ask them WHAT, with all of their knowledge and profound , have they done to effect the plight of the Black Man in society and the fellow spoke of helping his street kids. I was glad for one more black brotha. I felt i could point my fingers and lift my voice and say YES, Black Men are not just what you see, your dope boy could also be THE scholar. I felt enlightened, I felt as though I was guilty - judging a fellow brotha unfairly JUST like everyone had. It showed me how easy it is to write off people because they look a certain way or have a certain history.


Something to THINK of this weekend - Worst Mens Fashion Ideas

 Agreed, fashion changes, trends fade and new things come in style. Women continually stretch the boundaries in the name of style, men’s fashion trends commonly remain in the safe zone – most of the time. Occasionally, however, men become courageous en masse, and the end results are typically disastrous. Below are notable trends that came and went (some stayed longer than others), and we’re all wiser for having learned from them.

A Gentleman Admires...Anne Hathaway

I recognize her gorgeous face from Bride Wars the movie about two female friends turned monsters to themselves during their wedding (I don't feel "too" shocked women would do this). I saw this picture and was shocked cuz I didn't realize Anne Hathaway had this side to her. Well, good for me anyways...At 27, I can sing "Girl u know we bout to sin but your body is a blessing (Father forgive me)". 

meh..go on girl, a lil more.

I'll have "Tea" with this British deliciousness.

look at that! We can take it upstairs, the bed, the kitchen counter....o..oops, I'm supposed to be

and just cause Eva can get the Bizness too. 

New Cruise Sport Watch

The new TechnoMarine is streamlined and sophisticated; the dive watch’s silhouette is straightforward, absent of excessive embellishments. The silicone strap—softer and more flexible than gel-plastic versions used in years past—is all clean lines and minimalist style. Water resistant up to 200m, the Cruise Sport is available in a chronograph or three-hand style.Carefully selected shades of white, blue, fuchsia, green and orange maintain the brand’s attitude, while accommodating a desire to wear the watch regardless of climate or season. The re-designed bezel takes a smoother, less frenetic form, while the re-envisioned dial, rendered in 3D, has new depth and added impact. [via elite traveler]

Watchmaker: TechnoMarine 
When is this hot ish out: at BaselWorld 2010

Wanna buy more of Techno Marine's watches? Click below for the Gentleman's guide to getting Techno Marines at discounted prices. HERE

Lookbook 1 - Your #1 Style Guide.

Stay Fresh, Stay Inspired, Stay Fly. Enjoy

I fell in love...

Not necessarily with the person in it but with the picture, the concept the picture...FUCK it, i fell in love with every aspect of the pic. Of course when i saw the pic it registered familiar feelings in you know where and the regular thoughts came through but I love and appreciate the pic and the author's mind for the theme and poetic side of it..right under this pic, the author posted: 

"The Body is meant to be seen , Not all covered up"
-Marilyn Monroe

This is a quote i really love. A lot of people have a problem with this picture I posted , but this is one of my favorites. When i took this picture my intentions weren't to please anybody but myself. I took it because its what i wanted to do. Believe it or not i started off fully dressed but i realized how comfortable i was with myself & my body and i wanted to go nude. So here i am naked , happy and sexy :) . If you got it flaunt it because everyone who has a problem is probably mad cuz they can't do the same ;D.

And I say: "yes babi u r sexy and that ass is looking right from the side ;) , the Gentleman welcomes fan "mails" too. :)" All in All, i love this pic, its theme and concept and I appreciate the mind that this came out from. 

Be the judge.

You judge, who WINS? This was the 2010 Sprite Step Off Competition  for ZTA and DST. Who do you think brought the Best?


Fail! - Why you should never FRONT

LMMFAO....So by now the Ac transit bus fight must be old news - Y'all prolly seen the video clips everywhere, from Youtube to Dailymotion etc. In case you've been an internet slow head - Here's a link to the video with extra features -

Thug Wanna-Be gets the Bizness

I call this a BAD case of fronting. Cornrows + Played out tee + broke azz nigga on the bus + faded tims + loud mouth + sum downplayed kitchen knife DON'T = Thug especially when you run your mouth in the bus and end up doing THIS Michael "Bus Thug" Gives his comment - Pleazee. 

Thugs don't "e-apologize"! So next time, for all you Thugs, Thugettes and my Thug wanna-bes and Thugs-in-training...Next time you come to an old white man thinking you can run the shit outta ya mouth cuz you black and he white (and/or old). Make sure you done your thug fist training properly so u can take a GOOD BEATING - punk!

And in the words of ma lil nigguh Riley -  Nikka U GAE

Now , cuz y'all came to the Gentleman to get ya news on...i'ma show u an extra clip you missed out on...WHO? Same ol' Mikey the thug


Cute Inspiration.

She's an upcoming model; body, looks and all BUT she has only ONE ARM.


A major inspiration and a cutie all at once..SEXY

What was the weirdest gift you ever received?
towards my secondary school..some girl bought me a packet small mini lighter torchlight thingy, and my ass bought her chocolate she devoured in front of me..since then I'm lyk F valentine gifts (fell short of that goal 2 grades after)


Image Consultation

"Image" is the way other people see us. It influences whether people will agree to our requests, hire us, and pay us the salary we want. 

Your image is Key!

How you feel about yourself significantly affects the way you relate to others, and how others perceive you. Happiness with your image is a big factor in self esteem. Having the right wardrobe and grooming or makeup for any situation, especially interviews and presentations, is of crucial importance to your image. Your image gives you leverage. The first messages you send about yourself to others is in how you appear visually. First impressions of you are drawn from your outward appearance, one of the essential components to your image.
So why am i doing all this talk? Because I've taken time to experience image transition and its importance in people's lives and I'm interested in helping others improve their image. Keep your eyes peeled for more info. I'll be keeping everyone updated! 

Spring Break 2010

So, Spring Break is in the air --- Yay! (in sarcastic tone). I haven't been out of the state for spring break and REALLY, i wanna go to ATL, NY - just cause I heard it's fun to be in those cities. Still wanna visit London, Paris, Egypt, Jamaica (heard em Jamaica girls r "off d chain"), Germany, Israel, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Brazil, Mexico, Los Angeles, South Africa, and Rome.
But yea, what are some cheap FUN and "wild" ways to spend spring break this 2010 - I need ideas, links etc.....Maybe the BET Spring Bling '10...Well you decide how this year will be:
Last Year - Spring Bling 09 - Florida.
Let's GET IT!!!


Ethnic Notions - The Movie.

Ethnic Notions presented a review on how African-American stereotypes were formed – a history, chronicle and evolution. I was surprised to learn of the history of most of the stereotypes that cloud the African American race. Most of these stereotypes exist even till date. I have always been aware of the role the media plays in perpetrating views that wind up being the “pop” view but seeing this movie reinforced in my mind how strong these views can end up being. I can imagine the little white girl living in the suburban white neighborhood and never seen a black person before; her only encounter with the black race being the TV, comics, plays and billboards.                            

Time and time again she is constantly “reminded” that the black folk are an inferior race with huge lips, bulky round eyes, and mostly dullards (as portrayed by Sambos and  wide-eyed Pickaninnies).
These views extend past novelties of the black race (the whites) and even infiltrate the minds of the younger black generation. Consider the young black boy – constantly “told” (via the media and society) that all he is in fact, a jester, a clown for his “masa” and that the White folk would always stay atop in every facet and he in turn should pay homage to his “dear ‘ol kind masa” of the “ol days”. The images portrayed in these popular songs, children's rhymes, household artifacts and advertisements  constantly send a message of inferiority and a lesser complex to the child, which in turn establishes an atmosphere for mediocrity and a lack of spirit to strive for better.

I could not hold back my utmost detest and disgust for characters like “Mammy Yams” and the black man who took up a Scottish name and featured as one of the grinning coons. To believe that black folk would also contribute to pushing and promoting these images of dehumanization and self-humiliation is utterly disturbing. One might argue that the black man then was pressured to take up such debasing roles because he had to fend for his family by making a living through such acts. But my question to that black man would be: how do you explain to your young son that daddy is only “pretending” that such is the “way of life” of the black folk? I almost threw up in my mouth when I saw the scene of the faithful mammy singing “joyously” of how the heavens have blessed her with the grace and opportunity to pick up masa’s clothes from the railings and serve him faithfully. As much as these were perpetrated stereotypes in the media,
I do believe there must have been such an element. This brings up the question; are black folk really “inferior” in nature? Is there an innate element of vagary and barbaric in us? I hope these questions can be answered as I progress through life.


Shit..that was near PERFECT!

A strength for SPECIFIC purposes: is consistent near-perfect performance in an activity. 
For an activity to be a strenght:

  • Do it CONSISTENTLY and must be able to derive some INTRINSIC SATISFACTION eg Bill Gates is quite capable of implementing Microsoft's strategy but because he said performing this role drains him of energy, this ability is NOT his strength. 
    • ACID TEST: Can i fanthom myself doing it repeatedly, happily and sucessfully? 
  • I DO NOT have to have strength in EVERY ASPECT of my role in order to excel. I.e Have all the "qualities" required for the role. All that is needed is - to know hwo to play  n use your cards with what i have. 
  • EXCELLENCE NEVER comes by FIXING WEAKNESSES it is only by MAXIMIZING STRENGTHS POINT OF NOTE: It doesn't mean IGNORE WEAKNESSES....manage around weaknesses to free me up to hone my strenghts to a sharper point. Eg if a weakness is impatience with kids, and i work as a School Administrator BUT a strenght of mine is managing educational records etc. I can switch jobs towork in the Ministry of Education, where i can hone my Educational record organizing strenght and not allowing my impatience with kids interfere with my growth. I DID NOT ignore my weaknesses as i WAS VERY WELL AWARE of them AND ACKNOWLEDGED them, THAT IS WHY I MOVED In the 1st place....IGNORING my weakness would be to "play dumb" and just wallow in my job as a  School Administrator and keep trying to "control" myself from being impatient with the kids etc...ALL THE WHILE ignoring my Educational record organizing skill....when i am lagging in my strenght, my supervisors would see my "weakness"  (as I am paying attention to it,and there is the temptation of me to go about whing about how i am impatient with kids etc...looking for the why and how i became such and such....probably attending seminars, lectures on the impatience and trying to "fix" my impatience)....this is time spent and WILL never be regained. I could have focused my time (attended lectures etc ON my Strenght) 


On Formspring :

I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.

I am NOT a victim of circumstance, I am the Master of my fate - a beneficiary of possibility. Difficult conditions do not impose a burden. They deliver opportunity, in great abundance.

No matter what happens or what fails to happen, there is always a kernel of goodness and positive possibility to be found. Decide to see it, decide to harness it, decide to make the most of it, and you will.

Circumstances, as powerful and disruptive as they may be, do not have any driving purpose or intention. You, on the other hand, do.
When you connect with that purpose, and energize that intention, you can bring great triumph out of any situation. With a strong and clearly defined purpose, everything becomes an opportunity.See what is, and translate it into the best of what can be. Any time is right, when you are ready.


State of the Union Address - 2010

                STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS - 2010.  

     The state of the union address is an annual message presented by the President of the United States to a joint session of Congress in which the President reports on the state of the nation and outlines a legislative program: required by the Constitution and held in the House of Representatives chamber at the United States Capitol. The 2010 State of the Union Address was given by President Barack Obama on January 27 2010 and aired on major networks at 9pm EST.  

    The President touched on various subjects and issues affecting the current economy of the United States. Most of President Obama's policies, plans and programs were aimed at improving the status quo of Middle to Low class citizens. 

He spoke on policies he planned to set in effect; legislations, plans and prior actions that had been taken to help make the United States the number one economy.  In his address, he said the main focus of this year would be on jobs, though he also called for continued efforts to pass health care reform and revealed plans to reduce the deficit, to improve education and to encourage clean energy development. The tone of the speech was confident and optimistic, despite the president's admission that the country has been "tested" by the economic troubles of the last few years. Although I think overall, the President's speech was impressive given the enormity of the economic crisis and its destructive impact on tens of millions of Americans, Obama’s recourse to evasions and platitudes was all the more extraordinary.

     Unemployment is hands-down the most important and most serious problem our country is facing as of late. The president spoke on creating more jobs targeted towards the unemployed. During his administration, he said - in the past one year - 2 million jobs had been created for Americans. The President spoke on penalizing companies who send jobs overseas. He promised tax breaks to companies that create jobs in the US. President Obama spoke on  providing loans to small businesses by extending funds from TARP to community banks. This new job-creation plan, would include using $30 billion paid back by large banks (from TARP) to help community lenders extend credit to small businesses. He also called for a small business tax credit, for the elimination of capital gains taxes on small business investment and for tax incentives for companies to invest in new plants and equipment.As a method of creating more job opportunities,and keeping the United States as the number one economy in the world, President Obama proposed building clean energy facilities - that would provide more job oportunities as well as increase energy efficiency and in turn give rebates to Americans who make their homes more energy-efficient. 

    I was most interested in President Obama's remarks concerning education, as a student struggling with college tution and expenses on books and living, I found it encouraging and hopeful that the President shared a view of mine: " one should go broke because they chose to go to college." He spoke on college affordability and made a proposal that mandates all student loan debt to be forgiven after 20 years, or after 10 years if they choose a career in public service and called upon individual colleges and Universities to cut the costs of attendance. He proposed an increase in Federal Pell grants and a $10,000 tax credit for families for four years of college attendance. He made a promise to make only 10% of one's income go towards paying for student loans - allowing the new graduate to have money for other expenses. Relieving the albatross of student loans for the educated poor is only one step in a series of institutional reforms which can provide a healthy stimulus for our long term prosperity. Across America, the impoverished educated class can only hope that the stigma and burden of their debt will at last be recognized as a national investment which, if relieved and partially forgiven, will bring more immediate health to our shared economy than their continued long-term servitude to personal debt. He discussed the need to “renew” the Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA) and pass a bill to revitalize the community colleges. 

    President Obama likened the state of the economy to that of a family on a tight monetary budget and made it clear that the government would act as such; tighten their budget to attend to needed priorities and sacrifice the unimportant.  He spoke on doubling the exports of the United States than it has seen in 5 years - a National Export Initiative is to be lauched to commence attaining this goal. He announced that starting in 2011 there'll be a freeze on government spending for 3 years on discretionary programs (excluding national security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security). I admired President Obama's willingness to establish a bipartisan fiscal commission to provide solutions (by Veto, if necessary). He urged Republicans in the House of Representatives to work with him on major national priorities, saying cooperation is essential to the country's economic recovery.

    On healthcare reform, President Obama urged Congress not to back away from the present plan, but said he was still open to other ideas that would stregthen Medicare, cover the uninsured and bring down the deficit. His present plan propounds providers supporting health reform.  In general it expands the number of people with insurance (i.e., it expands their potential market).  Further, because there is little cost cutting, doctors and nurses should see an increase in profits.  Doctors and nurses may also believe that health reform is good for their patients, but without a doubt it will benefit the provider’s pocketbook.He also praised the First lady on her efforts towards working towards reducing childhood obesity, which, while I do praise, I do not see its major impact on a broader scale on the healthcare reform. 

    As much as I applauded the President's remarks on education and his plans to make student loans bearable for students, I feel all that was said were a list of things the president has done for the country and how much he has helped the current state of affairs. The consistent 2-second applauses made it harder to follow the President's address. President Obama's remarks were well received by Democrats, who gave the President more than 40 standing ovations in the speech. Congressional Republicans were less pleased, many a times mostly Democrats were the only ones giving ovations while the GOP stood only a handful of times.  The speech had everything and yet in a way it had nothing. People could hear in it what they wanted to hear and take from it what they wanted to take. What it didn't have were details about a path forward on actually passing healthcare reform or forging bipartisan solutions to the problems and issues the speech raised. As Frank Rich said, Americans like Obama far more than they like any Congressional leader. They might even like more of his policies if he spelled them out. But none of that matters if no Democrat fears him enough to do any of his bidding and no Republican believes there’s any price to be paid for always saying no.

     More detail on the President’s proposals will be included in his FY 2011 budget proposal, which will be released Monday. Education advocates know to expect a request for an addition $1.35 billion for the Race to the Top program, but they are also bracing for some proposed program eliminations, since the White House has indicated that while education may not be subject to the budget-wide spending freeze, some of the proposed reallocations could upset some stakeholders.

This is my Two-Cents ...


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