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New Cruise Sport Watch

The new TechnoMarine is streamlined and sophisticated; the dive watch’s silhouette is straightforward, absent of excessive embellishments. The silicone strap—softer and more flexible than gel-plastic versions used in years past—is all clean lines and minimalist style. Water resistant up to 200m, the Cruise Sport is available in a chronograph or three-hand style.Carefully selected shades of white, blue, fuchsia, green and orange maintain the brand’s attitude, while accommodating a desire to wear the watch regardless of climate or season. The re-designed bezel takes a smoother, less frenetic form, while the re-envisioned dial, rendered in 3D, has new depth and added impact. [via elite traveler]

Watchmaker: TechnoMarine 
When is this hot ish out: at BaselWorld 2010

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