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Shit..that was near PERFECT!

A strength for SPECIFIC purposes: is consistent near-perfect performance in an activity. 
For an activity to be a strenght:

  • Do it CONSISTENTLY and must be able to derive some INTRINSIC SATISFACTION eg Bill Gates is quite capable of implementing Microsoft's strategy but because he said performing this role drains him of energy, this ability is NOT his strength. 
    • ACID TEST: Can i fanthom myself doing it repeatedly, happily and sucessfully? 
  • I DO NOT have to have strength in EVERY ASPECT of my role in order to excel. I.e Have all the "qualities" required for the role. All that is needed is - to know hwo to play  n use your cards with what i have. 
  • EXCELLENCE NEVER comes by FIXING WEAKNESSES it is only by MAXIMIZING STRENGTHS POINT OF NOTE: It doesn't mean IGNORE WEAKNESSES....manage around weaknesses to free me up to hone my strenghts to a sharper point. Eg if a weakness is impatience with kids, and i work as a School Administrator BUT a strenght of mine is managing educational records etc. I can switch jobs towork in the Ministry of Education, where i can hone my Educational record organizing strenght and not allowing my impatience with kids interfere with my growth. I DID NOT ignore my weaknesses as i WAS VERY WELL AWARE of them AND ACKNOWLEDGED them, THAT IS WHY I MOVED In the 1st place....IGNORING my weakness would be to "play dumb" and just wallow in my job as a  School Administrator and keep trying to "control" myself from being impatient with the kids etc...ALL THE WHILE ignoring my Educational record organizing skill....when i am lagging in my strenght, my supervisors would see my "weakness"  (as I am paying attention to it,and there is the temptation of me to go about whing about how i am impatient with kids etc...looking for the why and how i became such and such....probably attending seminars, lectures on the impatience and trying to "fix" my impatience)....this is time spent and WILL never be regained. I could have focused my time (attended lectures etc ON my Strenght) 

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