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Fail! - Why you should never FRONT

LMMFAO....So by now the Ac transit bus fight must be old news - Y'all prolly seen the video clips everywhere, from Youtube to Dailymotion etc. In case you've been an internet slow head - Here's a link to the video with extra features -

Thug Wanna-Be gets the Bizness

I call this a BAD case of fronting. Cornrows + Played out tee + broke azz nigga on the bus + faded tims + loud mouth + sum downplayed kitchen knife DON'T = Thug especially when you run your mouth in the bus and end up doing THIS Michael "Bus Thug" Gives his comment - Pleazee. 

Thugs don't "e-apologize"! So next time, for all you Thugs, Thugettes and my Thug wanna-bes and Thugs-in-training...Next time you come to an old white man thinking you can run the shit outta ya mouth cuz you black and he white (and/or old). Make sure you done your thug fist training properly so u can take a GOOD BEATING - punk!

And in the words of ma lil nigguh Riley -  Nikka U GAE

Now , cuz y'all came to the Gentleman to get ya news on...i'ma show u an extra clip you missed out on...WHO? Same ol' Mikey the thug

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  1. Whitey has anger management issues


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