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I fell in love...

Not necessarily with the person in it but with the picture, the concept the picture...FUCK it, i fell in love with every aspect of the pic. Of course when i saw the pic it registered familiar feelings in you know where and the regular thoughts came through but I love and appreciate the pic and the author's mind for the theme and poetic side of it..right under this pic, the author posted: 

"The Body is meant to be seen , Not all covered up"
-Marilyn Monroe

This is a quote i really love. A lot of people have a problem with this picture I posted , but this is one of my favorites. When i took this picture my intentions weren't to please anybody but myself. I took it because its what i wanted to do. Believe it or not i started off fully dressed but i realized how comfortable i was with myself & my body and i wanted to go nude. So here i am naked , happy and sexy :) . If you got it flaunt it because everyone who has a problem is probably mad cuz they can't do the same ;D.

And I say: "yes babi u r sexy and that ass is looking right from the side ;) , the Gentleman welcomes fan "mails" too. :)" All in All, i love this pic, its theme and concept and I appreciate the mind that this came out from. 


  1. OMG , This is me :) I feel so special , i love it :) Notice im putting smileey faces cuz im really smiling :)


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