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Something to THINK of this weekend - Worst Mens Fashion Ideas

 Agreed, fashion changes, trends fade and new things come in style. Women continually stretch the boundaries in the name of style, men’s fashion trends commonly remain in the safe zone – most of the time. Occasionally, however, men become courageous en masse, and the end results are typically disastrous. Below are notable trends that came and went (some stayed longer than others), and we’re all wiser for having learned from them.

White Socks with Dress Shoes: Michael Jackson made white socks and loafers look good but the average man commonly underachieves when compared to MJ. Take a FASHION 101 from The Gentleman: NEVER no matter where the heck you saw that shit WEAR a WHITE SOCK with A DRESS SHOE. I'll reach over, smack the shit outta you for that BS, WTF     

Pleated Disaster: In men’s pants, a pleat is a small gathering of the fabric in front at the waistline. Generally, they make the leg and seat a little roomier for people who aren’t runway model thin.

  • But like a suit coat, you shouldn’t be buying excess pleats. If you’re of average weight, flat front pants without any pleats (very “in” right now) are the way to go. Need some more room, single pleats…double if you absolutely must. But triple pleated pants? No. No no no no. You’ll look like you’re wearing windsocks instead of pants. 

    Skinny Jeans: Lay off the tight jeans bro. Skinnys are for women to hold and show their packages.  Fitted Jeans are right pass for guys but SKINNY???? NO NO NO NO NO NO even this is too gay for Riley 

    Ed Hardy: Ed Hardy is the street wear for douches and wanna be alpha-males. Think everybody on Jersey Shore. I can't stand Hardy fanatics.  I don't know how Ed Hardy is cool but kats with Ed-Hardy and every name brand that just drops kill me. 

    Shot ties: short ties? DON'Ts..i don't care whoever lied to you u look "fly" in that Shit..U look A FUCKIN MESS. Thou shalt not wear short ties unless you are a waiter/ your job requires you to. PERIOD.

    Dirty Shoes: I don't care WTF your excuse is why your sneakers/shoes etc should be dirty. I'm not into shoes, I'm busy, It's just a shoe, That's how it is....When the manufacturer made em there was a "WHITE" -(GLORIOUS WHITE) section and I bet there was no label that said 'Please turn grey/brown/some funky color" STFU and clean the gatdamn effin shoes..sheesh!

    Now think about these and have a blissful weekend. :) 

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