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Simple Ignorance

I was browsing through the net today and yea, stumbled upon an article that was claiming Obama to be a Freemason. It reminded me of my very gullible and naive stages of my youth (not that I'm super mature now or anything) when I would swallow and digest every and any thing I heard hook line and sinker. I was amazed at the things I read and how I could ever in my life have actually believed stupid dumb shit like that. Some of the stupid things you'll find are:

"According to Obama is a Freemason and a distant cousin to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney!! "

A distant cousin to Cheney and Bush????? WTF? So guess what I did, i googled this dumb question on yahoo answers and gave my generous input. I can't believe someone asked that question like 3days ago and yea, u guess what I answered: i said yea Obama is a Freemason, matter of fact that he is one of the few black people to ever attain the level (or degree whatever it's called) he has in freemasonry and that he's about to be promoted to the next level and i cited some dumb source as my evidence. Silly wonks! When the fuck will we be free from dumb cunt questions.. Obama was the anti-Christ once upon a  time and let's not forget so was Michael Jackson! I guess Anti-christ MJ went to hell before he could take anyone with him...Poor MJ...RIP man u were awesome!

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