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Artists and Alter-Egos

Why do these music artists go for alter-egos? What's the craze and what's in it for them? Well for one I think it's for publicity and to pull one of those stunt crazes and to see just how many suckers go for it.  Some of them are cool and i kinda dig it and some others are just #WTF moments. T.I. for instance and his alter T.I.P. Some others maybe i figure it's just for entertainment; Beyonce is famous for her very well known Sasha Fierce and just about all the teenage even adult women followed suit and baptized themselves Fierce. Mary Fierce, Ashley Fierce etc some even took the whole Sasha Fierce and added to the name. Next thing, Beyonce kills her alter-ego..smh. Click to read more .
Most others are just pointless and outright useless, Nicki Minaj and her Roman Zolanski move. Apparently i wasn't listening to Nicki Minaj on Bottoms Up, that was Roman sorry onika barbie harajuku or whatever else she's called nowadays.
Others are Erica Wright changed to Erykah Badu; Alecia Moore chose Pink; Paul David Hewson decided on Bono Vox and Vickie Lynn Hogan became Anna Nicole Smith. The question still lies, why the need for an 'alter-ego' a different persona. An alter is is a second self, a second personality or persona within a person, who is often oblivious to the persona's actions (Wiki). Maybe these artists don't feel talented enough or beleive in their first person based on experiences maybe childhood trauma or whatever. Regular folk also come up with alters in dealing with their everyday life. Think of your alter ego as the stage name for your life. There's the 'part of you' that does certain things and the other evil side of you. I guess alters are ok then, even though it is a trait of people with Dissociative Identity Disorder, but who am I - the music industry nowadays promotes all things evil and vile as good. Gaga says it's cool to poison your boyfriend in her videos and Rihanna says go on and play Roulette with your life. Ahh the things we do for money.

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