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Reflection Thursdays: Enjoy today's good tidings, yesterday's gone.

Stop looking for yesterdays past glory, happiness and joy. Believe that today and for the days to come more joy awaits you. Think back before your last success, you had no idea it was coming and something else was the "it" of your life. The one big thing you'd done. That's how successes are; they come - intended to fill you with good feelings about yourself and your accomplishment and to fulfill a certain goal you may have had. Once they're done - you get done with them. Fine, there are some achievements that mean more to us than others. Those we hang them on our mental wall of fame. Don't meditate on your past laureates till you can't feel the juice anymore. You've sucked the success nectar, move on and don't stay trying to force / remind yourself of the good feelings your success brought you. I didn't say thrash every good thing that comes your way. Just live, enjoy, and move on. When you keep saving up past successes, happiness, joys and glories you never allow yourself room to gain more happiness. Instead of hanging on to past successes, treat them as memorabilia. Let them remain in your wall of fame to remind you how much of a champ you are. Your success serve to let you remember never to give up or back down. They are a way of saying you did it before and you can always do better. They should be your inspiration not your culmination. Your life is a continuous cycle of successes, happiness and joy. Never cut yourself short by latching on to how good something/someone was. It was good, nice. But there will be more good things in your life. Today, start learning how to permit yourself to not enslave yourself to your successes. They are supposed to be joyful and bring happiness and not cause you to remain stagnant in your growth. Think of your life as a pre-destined success and enjoy the good things come your way.

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