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Ciara - Ride [Video]

The song is sexy, the video not as hot as it should have been, or so i think. Her body is still sexy #asusual and her moves were sexy. I like the clothes she wore even though they were cheap and old ass lookin, they showed her body and allowed her ooze her oo so ever sexual appeal. Made me think how possible it was she was/is a hemaphordite...ha maybe that's why she wore some tight ass gown/whatever that shit was to show HEY I DON'T HAVE A DICK...LOL. I beleived u all along CiCi.  She's all alone in the video though, I don't know if it's the recession and no cash for backups or just part of the whole video concept, who knows? Ci is undeniably sexy, the song is definitely clockable and bedroom certified. Enjoy. 

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