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Don't let fear rule you

Dont' feed your fears. Just because you feel afraid of something doesn't mean you are slave to it or will become a prey or become your fear. It's natural to feel fear, it's an emotion and sometimes instinctive in humans allowing it rule you is another story. The point is to figure out what we feel fear to/for and correct our perception of what is actually dangerous to us than what we feel/think based on, most often one-time experiences or what society, family has taught us.
When you feel fear, find out where it's coming from and why. Defy your fear and prove to yourself that it means nothing by opting to do exactly what your fear shakes you for.  When you feel fear it's a response based on your judgement and perception of danger. That is, what danger means to you personally. Don't compare yourself, because what you might perceive as dangerous to you, or your wellbeing (mental, social, emotional etc) may not be for the other. Do not surpress your fear, you only make it gain the upper hand. Allow yourself to feel fear, sometimes it makes you stronger to face whatever it is causing the fear. Remind yourself fear is an emotion with options for action. You decide how the ball rolls, to give in to the fear and live your life in terror of something that 99.9% probably has no effect on you or to courageously face what is tormenting you. Shit, you have the right to remain happy and if anything comes between you and your given right it's to the death. When you let yourself know you will not let anything come between you and your happiness, you'll find yourself living more bravely and courageously. You pick and choose which way from here.  Remember, a man isn't courageous because he feels no fear, he is courageous because he has decided to not live by fear.

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