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Keep the summer cool and light.

Layer down: Layers are for winter. Stay cool with light tee-shirts, keep dress shirts for only when necessary and keep the $300 jacket in the closet till winter. Don't look like a fool either, keep the tanks for the beach, cookouts and quick get outs.

Colors: Darker colors are for the winter and colder times, during the summer liven up your style with fresh and exciting colors. This is not an excuse to look like a color book, so keep the colors minimal. Remember when wearing colors that "matching" is not key, "pairing" is. Wear colors to complement your outfit and slightly contrast to your skin tone. Lighter colored men can wear colors like baby blue, red, fresh green etc while darker men can wear blue, maroon, brown etc.

Keep it simple: You are not in a rap video, drop the over sized accessories for women and keep it simple with no more than 3 [max] accessories at a time. You know your closet is full of bling, that's good for you now don't wear them all at once. Accessories like the aviators, a simple neck chain and silver/stainless steel bracelets work well.

Be reasonable: Don't wear boots, baggy jeans, scarfs, or hoodies. Unless you have a bad case of hypothermia, wear the right seasonal clothes.

Lighten your scent: Girls like men to smell classy, stylish, confident and light. Lay off bathing in colognes and stick to two to three whiffs per wear. Don't be afraid to mix scents up to come up with your own signature scent. Remember, all colognes don't smell the same on everyone, make sure you test the colognes before buying them. Test for the first note (the original smell with the alcohol), the middle note (5-10 mins later) and the last note (1hr later). The last note is what it will smell like on you. Summer would call for Eau de Parfumes, so keep colognes off the mark for now. For playful scents I recommend Calvin Klein Eternity or Acqua di Gio, for the club scents I recommend Play by Givenchy or Diesel Fuel for life by Diesel.

Stay off comfort zones: You a sneaker head, your bad habits are getting to you. This summer stay lighter with flip flops, wear shorts, and get new habits. Switch up your routine and quit boring yourself out.

You don't have to spend a ton of wad staying light for summer, shop at department stores like Macy's, Marshalls and even some good thrift stores. Stores like H&M, Express, Urbanoutfitters, DTLR and SprtZone sell quality stuff for good prices. All in all, there's money to look good, chase women and buy drinks. Stay a gentleman and knuckles to the summer ahead!

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