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Hey kids, get yourself together


Hey kids. Look. Stop congratulating mediocrity and half-assed performances. Stop praising your friends' fucked up behavior. Don't be so damn lackluster. At least jazz up your shit show of a life every now and then. Stop playing the victim. Quit blaming "the white man." Know that "not to sound racist, but..." is racist. Quit deflecting all of your personal achievements to magical beings in the sky. To my little brothers, mentees and young "sons",  Own your failures. Know that failing is learning. Accept your shortcomings. Realize when you fuck up. Apologize more often. Learn to ask for help. Learn to offer help when you see the shit is needed. 
Ask for forgiveness, not permission. Learn to say "No." Take more risks. Disappoint someone and love it. Realize the world doesn't explode when you go left when they want you to go right. Now do it again. Know that praying while sitting on your ass does nothing. Write out your goals. Work toward these goals. Get an accountability partner. If you're not honest with the world, at least be honest with yourself. Tuck in your I-Don't-Love-Myself and channel your misery into a goddamn journal. When all else fails, pray seek Jesus professional help.


Two GAY Kappa Alpha Psi members tie the knot

A Kappa Man Speaks on the Viral Video 'Controversy'
Oh boy, this came to me this morning. Two members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. decided to take their love for brotherhood to a whole new level by tying the knot and becoming One in the Bond. The organiation whic is a predominantly Black Greek Organization profess "Achievement in every human endeavor " as their fraternity's mission and ideals. Guess these 2 took achieving to a brand new concept. 

My reactions: firstly, why all the commotion online, it's just two gay people getting married. Secondly, for crying out loud, they're Kappas. Case ended. These fruity men are known for referring to each other as "Pretty Boys", "loving the mirror", "conceited", wearing makeup and twirling a sweet luscious candy "K"ane, and many other places the kanes end up in during "pledging". How dare the public kappas get riled up at all? Narcissus and other "self loving" men are most times queer or better still just have sex with other men/find other men attractive. the almost normal cries that "Kappas are gay" may have been a "stereotype" or as the Pretty Boys of KAPsi put it; "Just hating from gaddamn ugly people"

You think I'm carricaturing anyone? Ravi K. Perry a member of Kappa Alpha Psi himself had this to say:
"In May of 1982, I was born as a Black child in Toledo, OH to two Black parents, both of whom are educators. In March of 2006, I officially became a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, as a sole line member of the Toledo (OH) Alumni chapter in the fraternity’s Northern Province region.
On August 11, 2012, I married my beautiful husband, Paris F. Prince, in the backyard of our home in Worcester, Massachusetts.It should not be a surprise to anyone that some members of historically Black fraternities and sororities are same gender-loving individuals. In no way is it a contradiction to our professed love and commitment to uphold the very tenants of our organizations’ objectives and purposes. It is also no longer an anomaly. I personally know of at least two other members of my great fraternity who also happen to be in same gender-loving marriages with their husbands. And I am sure there are more on the way and others we don’t know about."
The big gay brother popped up and offered his comments. Of course, the pretty ladies of Kappa Alpha Psi are putting their defenses everywhere they can, no pun intended.

I wish the couple a happy married life, and till we hear more gay news in the bond  


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