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Reflection Thursdays...The basis of sucess

Success begins and ends based on visions, dreams and an active plan to be bold enough to pursue and believe in them. Continue to follow your vision. Continue to have a plan, and manage your image. The only person who can stop you in life is YOU, not the Haters. Everything starts with what you believe. The building path to failure and success are the same, you believe, anticipate, and therefore receive. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Take charge of your fate, and start laying foundations for success and greatness in your life. Don't be passive about your life, you're not some observer that happens to live out your life. You are your author and hold your life's pen.

Why professional black women find it hard to find a 'good' man

I read an article from an afro-centered black blog concerning black professionals and was compelled to delve into this subject and bring on the wrath of black women by saying things most don't want to hear. The question is if there is a scarcity of successful black men or black women just don't know how to treat men rightly? Statistics show that 70% of successful professional black women are unmarried. Of the 70%, 95% of black women want to date the top professional 5% of black men. 


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