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Rules of a Gentleman

Life is not as serious as anyone may ever put it, a true gentleman consciously takes time out to laugh, joke and smile. (I've learned this the hard way). His smile, laughter and warmth should be contagious enough to change the course of a person's day for the positive and for the better. He's not stuck on himself, he builds himself but in the long run builds others around him as he aims for the top. The road to ultimate success is a personal/lone journey but not an empty road. Behind every strong pillar that has ever been for society, are a thousand more pillars that support him. A gentleman is conscious of this, and allows this principle to guide him as he makes decisions and never neglects the pillars that held and support him.


Rihanna- Who's that Chick [Dark Version] : limited time

Rihanna still looks good and I enjoy the overall creativity of the video is pretty good. Side note: Something in my mind tells me there might be (Illuminati)The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction mysteries involved in this work.


Reflection Thursdays: 9 Reasons You Will Never Be Successful

Unfortunately most people will never be successful. It has nothing to do with luck, growing up in a poor environment, where you’re from, who you know or who you are but more of what you choose to do with the time we have while were here. Being successful is as easy as JUST DOING IT... doing what it takes to get the job done and progress.
These are 9 of the most common reasons I've come to discover people end up failing at what they want to be successful in. 
1. Because You Procrastinate- Yes this is one of the more common reasons for most people to never excel in fulfilling their chosen field or business. Instead of taking advantage of every waking moment you make excuses on why you can put it off until tomorrow or put the “grunt” work off until later, which is usually the most important of your daily task. Many will complain about why they’re not successful, but continue to put unimportant events ahead of what really should be a priority to anyone trying to better their situation or build a successful business and the answer is right in front of you and the sad thing is most know it, but fail to do anything about it.
2. Because You Blame What You Lack as your Reasons for Failure- Nine times out of ten if you ask any person or entrepreneur why they have failed in finishing or accomplishing a goal their sentence will begin with Because I don’t…. Depending on what field of business they’re in many of us could guess how that sentence will end. The sad reality is that most of us lack one thing or another and many of our predecessors have overcome many obstacles and proven time and time again that where you live, your financial status, your race, location, height, and/or belief has no take on whether or not you will be successful and it is ultimately up to you
3. Because your idea isn’t as Brilliant and Unique as you think- I know this doesn’t come as a a suprise to most of you especially if you have ever started a business or had an idea that you thought was just revolutionary or unique with no competition, but once you do a little research or decide to launch you see ten other businesses doing the same thing. As I’m sure you have heard this before, but it is obvious most need to hear it again a successful business begins with a great execution and a failure is well… lack there of. Most ideas have been thought of or tried and tested, but many failed because of their execution and how it was brought about. There are many reasons why the same businesses fail while others succeed timing has a lot to do with it, capital, the person or entrepreneur, knowledge on the subject and much more.


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