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TM Lewin Bow Tie Collection

I got the new TM Lewin Bow tie set. I admit I don't know who TM Lewin is nor have I ever heard of him/her. The collection is a symmetric  blend of cotton geometric patterned bow ties, cuff links and a pocket square to match. Contemporary and sophisticated elegance for a well-dressed man with a slight touch of chic. I have a blue and wine set. Available for $89.99 per request.


Why your caucasian girlfriend is cheating on you

Chances are if you are black and dating a white girl she is most likely into black guys. For black men, the reasons for getting into inter-racial relationships can vary but most black men going into inter-racial relationships assume relationships with a woman from a different race removes complex relationship problems. Say, greener pastures.  The thought process: she's white, I don't need to keep my game locked. Lies.
the dominance a White woman endures happily is intoxicating. What after that's done? I'm not against getting a White girl, but I do ask that you think of the ending before you commit yourself to one. - Chuck @
Here are the 3 tell-tale signs your woman is cheating on you:

1. You think of her as a fool: Because most white women are easy going and less argumentative than their black counterparts, you misinterpret submissiveness for foolishness, forgetting she's getting submissive somewhere else. Failing to acknowledge her as a woman who needs attention ultimately drives her another man's attention, most likely a brother. 

2. You get carried away in the attention: black women flock to interracial couples like vultures most times not always on a good note. Your woman gets caked out for stealing brothers and the guy meets Black Women Coalition - It's a For Colored Girls showdown; matrons, advisors and black single women who either never understand happiness in inter-racial couples or transfer horrid experiences to you and your partner and either persistently seduce or abuse you. Negative attention. Takes time from your relationship. Your woman finds a replacement vice-versa.

3. You don't keep your appearance above par: Every woman wants a man as her trophy, constantly neglecting basic hygiene principles will keep sane women away from you. If you're always dressed like a clown or never get your hair shaped up, or fail to follow basic hygiene principles - cologne, roll on, hair - keep your eyes out for the baller who's stoking your woman on the way.

Dating a black girl dipped in vanilla should keep you on the edge the most. She has a body, behind and sway to keep every brother looking out for your snow bun.

All these signs are common to failed relationships regardless of race. But a black man who pursues a white woman to get on easy

The basal line is , once you let ideas, notions occupy your head over treating your woman as the queen she is... then there will be trouble. 


How to get a job with your professional look

Since I have been on the job market myself for the past couple of months, I decided to update this blog with tips on how to convey a strong competent professional image in your interview.

Firstly, you should have a resume that  strongly portrays your strengths, highlights relevant work experience and showcases interpersonal skills. The goal is to have an employer invite you for an interview on first glances. An employer may require hard copies of your resume, keep those handy.

It is appropriate to keep your look conservative. Conventional black dress pants, white dress shirts and a proper tastefully coordinated black tie is standard. Any variation should be minimal. You may pair up a black or navy suit with a slight sheen or tone on tone with a white, cream or pale blue shirt preferably with French cuffs. Well shined black dress shoes with coordinated black leather belt. Wingtip or Oxford shoes are preferable.

Keep colognes to a light whiff. Your interviewer should not be discomforted by your cologne. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for men and Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein are suitable light airy fragrances.

Your interviewer should pay attention to you and not your ensemble. Do not distract your interviewer with fancy colored notebooks and binders. Do not wear backpacks, it is very unprofessional and uncouth, especially for a student. Bring a leather binder or briefcase. Keep your attire simple, nice and not overly ornate.

Do not wear colored sports coat, you are heading for a job interview not a fashion show.


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