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How to get into a Black Greek Sorority FINAL - Part III

Having all the requirements does not necessarily guarantee a person privilege to be admitted into a chapter. Although it does pay to know a little bit about the organization you are interested in and an overview of Black Greek Life, this knowledge does not sufficiently display a vested interest in the organization for the right reasons.  Just as Part 1 gives a brief insight into Black Greek Sororities and Part 2 delves into further detail on the Dos, this final chapter hints on what NOT to do, as an aspirant. Keep Reading After the jump for more info. 


1. Appear to be a fraternity groupie. Don't hang out with too many fraternity members or attend a lot of fraternity parties. The last impression you want to give is that you are desperate for guys' attention or that you want to join the sororities to date fraternity guys.
2. Act like you belong on Girls Gone Wild. No raucous behavior, even at parties, because someone who knows a sorority member will always be asked their opinion of you when its time to vote for new members. You don't want to be known as the drunk or the "easy girl".
3. Do not tell anyone that you are interested in joining Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, or Sigma Gamma Rho. Loose lips sink ships and telling others you want to be in a Black sorority will make sorority members think that you don't have class and that you can't keep a secret.
4. Do not join any groups that call themselves sisterhoods, fraternity sweetheart groups, or any groups that act sorority like in anyway, i.e. (have line jackets, chants, or call each other sisters.) Sorority members view these groups as copycat groups or groups for wannabe girls who can't get into a sorority.

Out and About 

If you want to get into a NPHC sorority you have to be active on campus. You need to join the popular and powerful groups. Join NAACP, the Black Student Union, run for office is Student Government Association and begin to add on activities from there. Interested ladies need to join clubs that are involved in community service because previous and continued participation in community service is a life long requirement for NPHC members. Interested ladies need to be members of these clubs because sororities like trophies, especially trophy members. NPHC sororities like nothing better than having BSU officers, student senators, cheerleaders, and etc. as members.

Let the Games Begin 

Attend every sorority event you possibly can, that is how sorority members recognize serious interests. Going to a sorority event as an interested member is not very different from watching a track meet, except everyone is scrambling to impress sorority members. How do you impress them? Make sure your hair and makeup are flawless and that you appear confident while dressing to impress because most sorority events suggest (and by suggest I mean you better wear) business casual attire. Let your actions speak for themselves, be one of the first to arrive to events and one of the last to leave. Be confident, can't stress that enough, be cordial and the opportunity to be a member will present itself.
Follow these tips and you'll stand a better chance than any other ladies vying for membership. When rush finally comes around and you've filled out the membership application expect a phone call and an official acceptance letter.

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