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How to get into a Divine 9/Black Greek Sorority Part II

Black Greek sorority life can be exhilarating  a rewarding experience for many ad a lifetime of friends, lifelong bond of sisters and a bounty of professional networks, connections and valuable experiences. Yet gaining admission into one can be one of he most daunting tasks, daunting for the frail-in-heart and worthwhile for those who strive hard enough to EARN a spot as a soror in one of these Black Greek Sororities. With their long standing history and rich culture , Black Greek sororities were mostly founded in the face of adversity and racial challenge to women of the time, thus the attitudes of selectivity and exclusion can be justified for the founders worked hard to create an organization that will admit quality women. To get an idea of these organizations, read Part I. Keep reading after the jump to learn more

Looking the Part 

Looks matter, no way around it, so its best to play up whatever you've got going in the looks department. It's no shock that sororities want attractive girls to join their ranks. Keeping this in mind I would suggest that you never be caught on or around campus unless you are well put together because the minute you have a bad hair day a sorority member is going to see you and she will place you a notch lower for membership consideration.

Oh Behave 

Do not under any circumstance give the impression that you are not a classy, intelligent, involved and independent young woman. So pay attention to the following do's and dont's


1. Appear confident, cool, nonchalant, yet engaged when around campus. You may not think others are observing you but they are judging you, they want to see if you have what it takes to represent their sorority.
2. Attend all sorority events. Sorority members will remember your face and believe that if you attend these events you will be a quality and dedicated sorority member.
3. Privately introduce yourself to one or two sorority members and tell them how much you enjoy their events. Ask them when the next events are coming up. Doing this lets them know you have a vested interest in the sorority's future. You don't want to go introducing yourself to all the sorority members at once or even at all because that reeks of desperation. Trust me if you tell one sorority member you tell them all.
4. Work for the highest GPA possible. If you don't have a GPA over a 3.0 you're only hurting yourself. The lower your GPA the more the sorority members have to like you, and they may not like you enough to bring you into the sisterhood if your grade point average is weak.

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