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How to get into a Divine 9/Black Greek Sorority

This is a 3 part series for girls who want to be a part of an NPHC Sorority but don't know how to express interest or what to do. Each organization has it's requirements and while you may be interested in an organization, there is no guarantee you fit the requirements or the organization may not be interested in you. Keep reading after the jump to learn more
.Gaining admission into one of the NPHC black sororities is arguably harder than ever. Unlike their white counterparts which have upwards of twenty and over campus sororities there are only four black sororities. NPHC sororities are more secretive. NPHC sororities do not want anyone outside their sorority knowing who they identify as their interests. Also Black sororities are quite selective and will not hold an informal or formal rush week to gain new members.Except the casual information session.  They'd much rather wait until potential members have been students for a semester or a year.

Yet the increase in the number of African American women has done little to influence NPHC sororities to admit greater numbers and competition is fierce. Their emphasis has been and probably will always be quality rather than quantity. So in order for the average African American women to stand a chance of getting into these elite and exclusive organizations she will have to know how to play their game. She will have to meet these sororities' unwritten and unspoken expectations and those expectations start the day she sets foot on campus.


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