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Hey kids, get yourself together


Hey kids. Look. Stop congratulating mediocrity and half-assed performances. Stop praising your friends' fucked up behavior. Don't be so damn lackluster. At least jazz up your shit show of a life every now and then. Stop playing the victim. Quit blaming "the white man." Know that "not to sound racist, but..." is racist. Quit deflecting all of your personal achievements to magical beings in the sky. To my little brothers, mentees and young "sons",  Own your failures. Know that failing is learning. Accept your shortcomings. Realize when you fuck up. Apologize more often. Learn to ask for help. Learn to offer help when you see the shit is needed. 
Ask for forgiveness, not permission. Learn to say "No." Take more risks. Disappoint someone and love it. Realize the world doesn't explode when you go left when they want you to go right. Now do it again. Know that praying while sitting on your ass does nothing. Write out your goals. Work toward these goals. Get an accountability partner. If you're not honest with the world, at least be honest with yourself. Tuck in your I-Don't-Love-Myself and channel your misery into a goddamn journal. When all else fails, pray seek Jesus professional help.

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