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I'm not black, keep your culture of laziness to yourselves and stop celebrating my success as your own.

I just don't get African-Americans or BLACK americans as they claim they want to be called. *scuff*, Black american, right. What is a BLACK american? Any american with Black skin? Arab, Indian, North African, African, Brazillian, Haitian, Jamaican, African? I don't think so. Poor lost souls.  The culture of African Americans is simply full of ironies, fallacies, mistakes and a bunch of nonsense jumbled up to make a sort of sense to call a culture. Why are African-Americans quick to lash on to slavery for the reason for their every demise? Or quick to frame anyone with a slight hint of mixed taint in their skin as BLACK? No, not everyone shares your soiled history, that is if you have any. Where are Black americans FROM? Do they have a beginning ? No, I don't think so. Most times the successful BLACK ones are those who have dissociated from their 'group' and sort an identity or BORROWED one. Thus you hear examples of them "acting white" or "selling out", hilarious. 

My grandmother being portuguese and living in California have helped me see my feet in black culture and otherwise. Most people who come from African countries are annoyed and embarrased to be associated with American Blacks. Just like Latin Blacks and West Indian people are. It's looked upon as a culture full of lazy, whiners who cry slavery every time something doesn't go right for them. No wonder every African American I've met has always claimed an EXTRA race just to make themselves FEEL and LOOK tantalizing. Nonsensities like claiming they're "west indian" Cherokee Indian, (I've even heard Asian) or Latin when clearly they're referring to their ancestors 90 generations removed. Please, we all know ANY "african american" is a descendant of a slave, maybe it explains their slave mentality till date. The funny aspect comes to play WHEN Blacks hopscotch to call any successful African - BLACK , example :OBAMA - who is Irish African and an AMERICAN citizen  not Black.No, I am successful and I am African Portuguese with an American citizenship, quit affiliating me with your culture of sloppy prison-filled gangsters who drink, smoke, make children and skip child support all day. No those are not stereotypes, those are ACTUALITIES. No wonder the successful ones cut themselves off from the group and create elite groups. Good luck, even the "black" stars are NOT even "af-american" : Wale is nigerian, Nicki minaj is Island-ian, etc . For the last time, I am NOT black, quit grouping me with you.

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  1. Your articles are constantly thought provoking. Very insightful


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