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Why your caucasian girlfriend is cheating on you

Chances are if you are black and dating a white girl she is most likely into black guys. For black men, the reasons for getting into inter-racial relationships can vary but most black men going into inter-racial relationships assume relationships with a woman from a different race removes complex relationship problems. Say, greener pastures.  The thought process: she's white, I don't need to keep my game locked. Lies.
the dominance a White woman endures happily is intoxicating. What after that's done? I'm not against getting a White girl, but I do ask that you think of the ending before you commit yourself to one. - Chuck @
Here are the 3 tell-tale signs your woman is cheating on you:

1. You think of her as a fool: Because most white women are easy going and less argumentative than their black counterparts, you misinterpret submissiveness for foolishness, forgetting she's getting submissive somewhere else. Failing to acknowledge her as a woman who needs attention ultimately drives her another man's attention, most likely a brother. 

2. You get carried away in the attention: black women flock to interracial couples like vultures most times not always on a good note. Your woman gets caked out for stealing brothers and the guy meets Black Women Coalition - It's a For Colored Girls showdown; matrons, advisors and black single women who either never understand happiness in inter-racial couples or transfer horrid experiences to you and your partner and either persistently seduce or abuse you. Negative attention. Takes time from your relationship. Your woman finds a replacement vice-versa.

3. You don't keep your appearance above par: Every woman wants a man as her trophy, constantly neglecting basic hygiene principles will keep sane women away from you. If you're always dressed like a clown or never get your hair shaped up, or fail to follow basic hygiene principles - cologne, roll on, hair - keep your eyes out for the baller who's stoking your woman on the way.

Dating a black girl dipped in vanilla should keep you on the edge the most. She has a body, behind and sway to keep every brother looking out for your snow bun.

All these signs are common to failed relationships regardless of race. But a black man who pursues a white woman to get on easy

The basal line is , once you let ideas, notions occupy your head over treating your woman as the queen she is... then there will be trouble. 

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