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Real Men don't wear purses

Filling up your trouser pockets with a wallet, iPod, BlackBerry and keys is both uncomfortable and unsightly. Plus, we all know that regularly carrying a bag is no longer just for ladies. But your dilemma is spot-on — a bag that’s too small or too styled can easily be mistaken for a murse. On the other hand, using a bag that’s even slightly too bulky will make you come off like a shifty backpacker, or one of those awful “frosh.” Fanny packs are sinful once your'e over 13, plus, messenger bags are versatile and come in handy for work, school, casuals and after work engagements.  And no, this is not an excuse to wear glamorous messenger bags. Roots has been spearheading the anti-man-purse campaign with their leather bags, especially the ubiquitous, Zack-Galifianakis-in-The-Hangover-popularized satchel ($158). It’s sturdy and rugged and vaguely recalls Indiana Jones, but is better for adventures than after-work engagements. Equally rugged are Filson’s waxed canvas briefcase bags ($254.99 at Wilson’s), an affordable alternative would be Calvin Klein's. For courieresque practicality without the laptop-sized girth, Diesel offers a sleek, square, suede messenger bag ($265 at Holt Renfrew) that will ensure you avoid carrying the contents of your office around like a pack mule. Or, pick up a green rectangular army surplus bag with a simple side-strap ($10-$20 at Central Sports). And no, this is not an excuse to wear glamorous messenger bags. Local stores like J.Crew, Urban outfitters and local department stores also carry a good selection. Athletics stores like DTLR and Calvin Klein are also good places to browse. Keep it stylish, without loosing comfortability, personality and practicality. 

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