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The power of the skinny tie

Time and again, the skinny tie has weathered the customaries of ins and outs associated with fashion phases, seasons, trends and periods. In every (my) opinion, skinny ties are classic, timeless and should join the team of men's closet essentials - blazers, jeans, white tees, black tees, dress know the list. Skinny ties are key agents of 'cool', stylish and Gq-esque swag. I started my quest for skinny ties at age 16+, i know I began early for the manhunt of classic style agents. Now at 18+, I still haven't garnered enough skinny ties like I'd like, I'm still latching on to the silk and cotton - my next stop are wool and every other material out there. The versatility of skinny ties is what keeps my appeal for them,
there are really no rules (common for most other men fashion accessories) for wearing skinny ties except the obvious not wearing a second tie also. They are suitable and appropriate for everything from club nights, to date nights, dinner parties, formal and informal occasions, work wear, friday business casual, everything from daytime to nightfall.  They're classically paired with dress pants, and for a relaxed look anything from jeans to chinos. Every shirt and almost every accessory can accompany the skinny tie, allowing room for creativity and dress style to be event appropriate. A skinny tie is the language for the urban modern gentleman, it projects your inner style and charm. It polishes and lengthens your physique, adds a dash of energy, yet still hold on to that reputation of prestige and chivalry. Skinny tie's are sharp, modern, and subtle.Who says a Nigerian man can't be dapper? Truly for the urban modern gentleman, the skinny tie is a must-have for every man's closet. 


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