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How to dress for a job interview like a man.

While it may be unfair that people judge others by their appearance, it is a fact. Make the best first impression possible. A black suit is too formal for an interview, while a tan or khaki suit is viewed as too casual. Even if you are interviewing for a job in a company that has a more casual corporate atmosphere, you will be safer dressing up a notch. Always dress for your next job, not your current one. 

Dress in layers : better to be over-prepared than under prepared. Dressing in layers makes it easier to peel off clothing if it appears you're overdressed. A tie, suit jacket, vest can be a good bet. 

Shirt: Stay away from overly bright colors, it's not the beach nor is your interview summer parade. Keep off black, it could come off as bland. Remember the clothes do a percent of the talking for you. Depending on your complexion, light blue, navy blue and white shirts could do the trick best. Keep them starched,spotless and ironed. A plain shirt would go better than a plaid or checkered shirt. 

Tie: I hate seeing folks that do the stupid matching thing. C'mon, get creative, this isn't 3rd grade 1980. Ties with solid colors go well. I like my ties mostly in patterns to keep the look interesting and fresh. Lay off the sponge bob ties  and anything else that comes with a clumsy cartoon character. I've seen 'old' folk and supposed 'sharp dressers' wear these and i really wanna slap the fu*k outta them. You know you have a passion for your cartoon heroes, let them wait for you till you get back home. See more clues on no-nos here

Pants: Pleated pants are for older gentlemen and anyone less than 40-50 yrs old should avoid them. Wear fitted straight-leg cut pants that are not pleated nor cuffed at the hems. Khaki pants can come in handy but don't be scared to put on some pants in darker shades: blue, black or as seen above military green. 

ShoesWear black lace-up shoes. Put a high polish on them. Test them open in the sun, do they glisten? lol. just kidding..but the better the shine the better the shoe. You want them to remember you as that guy who had the killer shoes. Maybe you could get the job so they can look at your stunning shoes at work. Check the heels. If they are run-down and worn looking, purchase a new pair. Dirty, worn shoes will kill the look of the most expensive suit. 

Watch: This is no time to show off your 300karat gold 'icey' watch. Throw that ish in the closet and pick up a classic wrist watch. A black or brown leather wristwatch with a small roundish head is all you need. Also this should be the ONLY accessory you sport.  

Cologne: Wear something light and fresh with a citrus flavor. The citrus will wear down before you get to your interview and also is a calming relaxing inviting scent. Trust me. Remember colognes go on your body not on the clothes, so you don't ruin them. I recommend Curve Chill (real affordable) or Calvin Klein Eternity Sport

Everything else: Wallet, check...make sure you're not carrying bulging stuff in your pocket, if you have lots of stuff to carry get a messenger bag. There's nothing worse than sporting a fine expensive suit and killing it with a school bag (I see this half the time and ask myself.. WHY?). Face, check...make sure you wiped off your breakfast off your mouth and trimmed your hair(s) etc. Hair, cut on point with a nice clean line-up/shapeup goes a long way, stay off the designs and stars on the hair for now. Necessary documents, check...for your prospective job. By now you've done your homework on the company, known what you want and ready to pick some extra numbers after your interview. 

Your outfit should follow this short code: L-D-D or D-Dl-D
i.e L - Light shirt, 
     D - Dark Pants
    D - Dark Shoe
vice versa and Dl - darkish light eg a brown or khaki pant. 

Now take a good look at yourself in a full length mirror, you're smashing fresh. Would you hire yourself? 

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