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Fun things to do with Vodka

Know your drinks, love your vodka? Think twice, click to see fun things to do with your vodka. 

1 part Vodka
4 parts Soda water
1 part Cola
Prepare a short glass full of ice then add the Vodka, next add the Cola, top with Soda water, garnish with lime wedge. 

Call it , Vodka Swish! 

1 part Canadian whisky
1 part Whiskey
1 part Herbal liqueur
1 part Vodka
1 part Rum
1 part Bourbon
1 part Tequila
Prepare a tall glass then add the Vodka, next add the Canadian whisky, next add the Rum, next add the Herbal liqueur, next add the Whiskey, next add the Bourbon, next add the tequila. Now it is time to chug as quickly as possible. Continue this process until you black the fuck out

Call this, the Annihilator. 

1 part Vodka
1 part Chocolate
1 part Cream
- 4 Mars Chocolate Bars
- About 400ml Double Cream (pots usually come in a size between 350-400ml, this is fine)
- 400ml Vodka

1) Take 4 full sized Mars bars and chop into small chunks.
2) Fill a pan half full with water and begin to heat it over a stove.
3) Place the chopped Mars bars and Double Cream into a heatproof plastic bowl and place this into the pan of heating water in order to completely melt the Mars bars (the nougat takes a while to melt), stirring occasionally.
4) When completely melted, give it a quick whisk and place into the fridge for about 2 minutes to cool.
5) Take out and mix in the 400ml of Vodka, give a very good whisk to combine, and then pour into a bottle or other container of your choice.

This recipe will keep for a day or two, if you find it separated, a brisk shake of the bottle will combine it.

Serve as cold as it gets in the fridge, in shot glasses.
It is delicious btw :

Call this, Vod Cream!

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