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United States (US)101
Nigeria (NG)5
United Kingdom (GB)4
Russian Federation (RU)4
Canada (CA)4
United Arab Emirates (AE)3
Saudi Arabia (SA)2
Ireland (IE)2
Albania (AL)1
Turkey (TR)1
Germany (DE)1
Netherlands (NL)1
Spain (ES)1
Japan (JP)1
Cape Verde (CV)1
Philippines (PH)1
Indonesia (ID)1
India (IN)1
Bahrain (BH)1
Greece (GR)1
Argentina (AR)1
Cyprus (CY)1
Portugal (PT)1
 Current Country Totals
From 28 Jun 2010 to 5 Aug 2010

Yoooooooooooooo! Thanks for making my blog international, i didn't even think this was gonna be possible when i started blogging. Thanks once again and keep reading, commenting and bookmark this page. 

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