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The basis of trust in childhood: How we develop trust.

Psychologists all over agree that most of the issues we deal with as adults often have their roots in our childhood, our experiences and environment. One of the key elements we learn to develop as kids is trust. Who we trust, when and the basis for trust. We learn to know who will believe us, why and when. Knowing that our parents won't believe us if we said some things as kids we start to keep things to ourself and it affects our relationships and the type of people we trust in future. More often the effect is felt by women than men because women feel more compelled to express their emotions. To build healthy trust factor in kids: listen to all they have to say - the sensible and silly. Kids have to know you'll listen to them and hear them out. Think back to when you were a kid. Listen, hear them out and correct or give your input if it's needed. Sometimes kids just wanna be heard. This is how we can have more healthy, confident and socially apt adults.

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