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Bad girls...and why we love em

I like a girl that isn't scared to step up to me anytime, not disrespecting, that's a no-go area but a girl who's confident, outspoken and direct in her dealings with guys. No beating about the bush, that shit icks me. An assertive individual that is yet, considerable in dealing with other humans, not no loud ass ghetto hood rat bitch.  A girl who knows the principles of succeeding, is business-inclined, and even though the platform looks scary will take the ballls??? and make moves. This kinda person inspires me to be the best I can and to do better. Idk for some people these class of women are intimidating and somewhat scary. I had a friend once explicitly say he wanted a woman with no confidence. Smh. Well to each brotha his own...
An independent and strong woman, with the right mix of girly, classy and 'street'. Yes!!!! She's gotta be  fine as hell and knows she's a head turner. Totally mentally gifted and her body should be the truth! Most dudes claim to want and independent strong woman, but are usually intimidated and scared so they resort to basic bitches. I can't stand a basic bitch and everything she stands for. Ugh! These morons just tick my inner saucy side.  Bad bitches are used to getting what they want, when they want and  often don't have time for men who have no idea what they want or too pussy to express themselves. Many of them slack of because no one wants a girl you have to keep up with like tech. To stay on the same level one person has to give in and be the other's 'bitch' per say and i don't know but i don't think the guy would wanna wear the skirt.
Keri Hilson - a bad bitch figure.

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