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Drake - Ashton Martin Music (Paris Morton)

I thought I was late on this joint or something but I really wasn't missing anything. The song is a total disappointment and because someone feeds themselves from it I'll refrain from calling it pure garbage. Drake disappointed big time on that song; took so long to get to his verse, gurbled lyrics, beats, just plain horrible. Cmon now Drake.
The song is so terrible im going to post a link to the song rather than post a vid up here; definitely not listening to it here. Click the link and listen for yourself, what's your take?


  1. Ok..tHe SinGing PaRt wAsnt aLl tHAt..Lol bUt thE rAp wAS GOod. iTs dEfinItLy nOt hIs bEst sOng..bUt i dOnt thINk iTs HiS wOrsT eItheR :/

  2. Its Sounds Good To Me.!


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