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Phenomenal Man [Poem]

Hard-knock men wonder
Where about my hardness lies
I constantly remind
That I am not a gangster, thug, roughneck
Or any of your 'hood' guys
When I try to explain my theory
Their eyes become leery
I say
The heart that lies in the center of my chest
The boldness in my feet
The pride that I keep
Makes me a man, phenomenally
Phenomenal man
That’s me

The bronze caramel of my skin
The perfection of my teeth
The passion in my eyes
Makes me a Phenomenal Man

I am the light in the midst of darkness,
The fountain of knowledge
The hand of warmth to those around me
The young Man in whose eyes the children garner inspiration and strength
And the old grow hope.
I am the mentor of the children
The ladies follow behind
Pretending to be part of my shadow
I say
Do not blame those guys
For not knowing who they are
They don't know
It is the strength of my soul
The authority in my voice
The boldness of my character
Makes me
A Phenomenal Man

It's in the vibrancy of my youth
The versatility of my manhood
The persistence of my spirit
The livelihood of my presence
Makes me a Phenomenal Man

Women have pondered themselves
What lies beneath the surface of this body? Tried so desperately
Still, failing to comprehend my inner quality
Trying to explain it
I had them to sit
I said
It's the piercing stare in my eyes
The commanding in my strut
The pertinacious of my soul
Makes me
A phenomenal Man

It's the dominance of my grip
The power in my hips
The warmth of my breath
The musk in the sweat of my back
The pigment that makes me black
Makes me a Phenomenal Man

Do you know
Reasons why I keep moving ahead
I don't blame. Nor do I complain
But seek solutions instead
I am constantly beaten by the rain and thrown to the ground
Still battle it out
When you see me coming
Making a mighty grand entrance in which everyone shall hail
With the strength of my aura
Making way for all to attain greatness
You ought to be proud
Of me standing next to
A “Phenomenal woman”
I say
It’s in the width of my nose
The crisp of my hair
The fragrance of my cologne
Traveling through the air
The debonair in my style 
The swagger in my maniere
Makes me a man amongst men

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